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Faculty Awards 2016-2017

CAS faculty members are also not strangers to the world of achievement. Many have received the Ronald W. Collins Distinguished Faculty Awards, university research and creative activity awards, various teaching excellence awards and other honors such as the Fulbright, National Endowment for the Humanities, Pulitzer nominations, entrance into EMU's Athletic Hall of Fame and grant funding for a variety of projects that touch local and international communities.

Ronald W. Collins Awards for Distinguished Faculty

The highest award that any faculty member can earn from Eastern Michigan University is a Distinguished Faculty or Full-Time Lecturer Award in one of the three primary areas:

  • teaching
  • scholarly/creative activity
  • service

Ramona Caponegro, Professor of English Literature, Teaching Award

Jesse Kauffman, Professor of History, Research I

Theresa Heck-Seibert, Professor of Theatre Arts, Creative Activity Award

Geoffrey Stanton, School of Music and Dance, Part-Time Lecturer Outstanding Teaching Award

Darlene Leifson, School of Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts, Part-Time Lecturer Outstanding Teaching  Award

Provost's Faculty Research Fellowships, 2016-2017

Brittany Albaugh (Chemistry). "Isolation of genetic material from breast cancer cells that contain high levels of the cancer gene called EEO."

Amanda Allen (English Language and Literature). "Junior Novel: Women's Networks, Cold-War Girls' Romances, and the History of Young Adult Literature."

Gregg Barak (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "A Global Inquiry of Corporate Power and State Routinized Crime."

Chong Man Chow and Karen Saules (Psychology). "Implication of Fat Talk for State Body Image among Female Friends: A Comparison of Depressed versus Non­depressed Dyads."

Christine Clark (Geography and Geology). "Where do undergraduate geology majors learn key discipline-specific skills?"

Jamie Cornelius (Biology). "What does it take to Survive and Reproduce in the North? Impacts of Cold Winters, Variable Food Availability and Reproductive Investment on Metabolic Rates of Birds."

Elisabeth Daumer (English Language and Literature). "Poem on Meeting-Place: Muriel Rukeyser's Ecological Imagination."

Jill Dieterle (History & Philosophy). "Food and Disability."

Ashley Falzetti (Women's and Gender Studies). "Algonquian Grammars of Revitalization: completing the book."

Jason Ferguson (Art and Design). "The Nature of Being: Ontological Investigations Through the Act of Making."

Katherine Greenwald (Biology). "Stress in the City: Does Urbanization Affect Cortisol Levels in Mudpuppy Salamanders?"

Carla Harryman (English Language and Literature). "Gardener of Stars, an Opera."

Mark Higbee (History and Philosophy). "Montgomery 1956: Civil Rights Insurgency, Jim Crow White Supremacy, and the Bus Boycott."

Christine Hume (English Language and Literature). "Creating a Genre: Critical Karaoke Series."

David Kass (Biology). "Dynamics of the Mammalian Genome: Impacts of Genetic and Epigenetic Networks."

Allen Kurt (Biology). "The Slow Death of My Friends: Determining the Effects of a Devastating Wildlife Disease.'”

Jiuqiang Liu (Mathematics). "Coincidence of the core, the bargaining set, and the set of competitive equilibria in the finite economy."

Joanna McNamara (Music and Dance). "Detroit Redux."

Maria Milletti (Chemistry). "Exploring the structure and function of Humanin, a neuroprotecti ve peptide."

Eric Paradis (Physics and Astronomy). "Extended Rubidium vapor cell studies."

Jayakuman Ramanathan (Mathematics). "Discrete Dynamical Systems."

Katherine Ryker (Geography and Geology). "Impacts of Physical Space, Attitudes and Beliefs on Internal Models of Science Learning Environments."

Amy Sacksteder (Art). "Generation(s): Increasing the Scale & Scope of Photo and Painting-based Collages."

Joel Schoenhals (Music and Dance). "The Bach and Brahms Project_.,

J. Michael Scoville (History and Philosophy). "Two Essays on Environmental Values and Justice."

 Zuzana Tomas (World Languages). "On Preventing Plagiarism: Examining the Effect of Professional Development Intervention Targeting Referencing."

Gregg Wilmes (Chemistry). "Identification of Hops Flavor Compounds by NMR Spectroscopy."

Guey-Meei Yang (Art). "American Visual Art Education in a Digital Age: A Book on Technology Integration in Art Education Written for China's Art Teachers."

Faculty Sabbatical Awards, 2016-2017

One Semester Awards

Amanda Allen, English Language and Literature. "Junior Novel: Women's Networks, Cold-War Girls' Romances, and the History of Young Adult Literature".

Jin Bo, Psychology. "Evaluating Motor Functions of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in China".

Howard Cass, Music and Dance. "Music Composition of a Large-Scale Jazz Quartet".

Abby Coykendall, English Language and Literature. "Unbecoming Aesthetics: Disability

Studies and Horace Walpole".

Jason Ferguson, Art and Design. "The Nature of Being: Ontological Investigations Through the Act of Making·'.

Timothy Friehe, Chemistry. "Synthesis and Optimization of a New Class of Mycobacterium

Tuberculosis Inhibitor".

Kristin Judd, Biology. "Impacts of Invasive Plants and Subsequent Restoration Activities on Wetland Denitrification Potential''.

Jesse Kauffman, History and Philosophy. "Blood Dirru11ed Tide: The Great War in Central

Europe, 1905-1923''.

Dean Lauterbach, Psychology. "Longitudinal Risk and Protective Factors Among Child

Maltreatment Survivors from Age 4 to l8.'.

Jiuqiang Liu, Mathematics. "Equivalence of Nash Equt!ibrium and Competitive Equilibrium in Coalition Production Economics.”

Guey-Meei Yang, Art and Design. "A Book Project: American Visual Art Education In a

Digital Age".

Two Semester Awards 

Ovidiu Calin, Mathematics. "Determinism and Stochasticity in Finance".

E.Cerroni-Long, Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. "Japanese Culture in Words and Images".

John DeHoog, Art and Design. "Japanese Culture in Words and Images".

Judd Kristin, Biology. "Impacts of Invasive Plants and Subsequent Restoration Activities on Wetland Denitrification Potential''.

Roger Long, History and Philosophy. "Liaquat Ali Khan, Jinnah's 'Right Hand': A Political


Provost's Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards, 2016-2017

Brendon Fay, ART, Contemporary Art in Detroit

Jamie M. Cornelius, BIO, Physiological Mechanisms and Fitness Consequences of Survival Trade-Offs in Birds

Emily Grman, BIO, Should We Care About Patchiness in Plant Communities? Effects of Beta Diversity on Ecosystem Function

Ulrich Reinhardt-Segawa, BIO, Selective Sea Lamprey Barriers and Drinking Water Bio-Monitoring for Algal Toxins

Brittany Allbaugh, CHEM, Development of Breast Cancer Research Models to Study the Role of a Gene Called EED in Breast Cancer Aggression

Steven Backues, CHEM, Understanding the Mechanisms of Selective Autophagy: Mapping the Atg11-Atg9 Interaction Site

Cory Emal, CHEM, Initial Investigations of a Novel Class of Irreversible Inhibitor of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)

Gregg Wilmes, CHEM, Polymer-Supported Amino Acids for Steroselective Catalysis

Howard Cass, CMTA, Carnegie Hall Concert and Recording of Two New Original Jazz Quartet Suites

Biswajit Panja, COSC, Autonomous Traffic Light Controller Using Fuzzy Logic Based Sensor Networks

Younoh Kim, ECON, The Long-Term Impact of Air Pollution

Mehmet E. Yaya ECON, Transparency, Accountability and Income Inequality: A Global Perspective

Rob Halpern, ENG, The General Line: A Translation of Georges Perec’s Early Essays

Matthew Kirkpatrick, ENG, The Vast: An Eco-Horror Novel

Regina Luttrell, ENG, Authorship of Two Textbooks with Sage Publications

Chalice Randazzo, ENG, Hirers’ Resumes Perspectives: Interviewing Phase

Jamie Ward, ENG, Ethics in Public Relation: Connecting Ethical Theory and Practice

Peter Higgins, HIST-PHIL, Three Hypotheses for Explaining the Alleged Oppression of Man

Laura McMahon, HIST-PHIL, Neither by Nature Nor Contrary to Nature: Aristotle, Dewey, and the Growth of Individuality

Steven J. Ramold, HIST-PHIL, Surrender Summer: Victory, Defeat, and Capitulation

Brandon Johnson, MUSD, Composition for the EMU Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Joanna McNamara, MUSD, Made in Detroit

MeeAe Nam, MUSD, Companion Supplement for the Songs of Theodore Gouvy

Mary K. Schneider, MUSD, Works by Women for Winds

Joel Schoenhals, MUSD, The Bach and Brahms Project

Eric Paradis, PHY, Collaborative Investigation into Terahertz Sensors

Volker Krause,  PLSC, Let’s Hear About the Rising Sun: Elite and Public Perceptions of Japan’s National Security

Joseph Breza, PSY, The Taste of Light: Utilizing Optogenetics to Understand the Cells and Logic of Salt Taste

Chong Man Chow, PSY, Reciprocal Associations Between Body Dissatisfaction and Romantic Relationship Quality: A Diary Study

Thomas J. Waltz, PSY, Establishing the Technological Infrastructure to Improve the Impact of Therapy on the Social-Verbal Skills of Children with Autism Outside the Classroom

Xianghong, Feng, SAC, Initiating a Collaborative Research Project with GMU: Mobility and Individualization in a Tourism Context in China

Maria Luz Garcia, SAC, Legal Subjects: Ixhil Maya Communication in United States Legal Systems

Peter B. Wood, SAC, It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Shawshank

Ashley Falzetti, WGST, Algonquian Grammars of Revitalization


Alumni Association 25th Annual Teaching Excellence Awards




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