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Faculty Awards 2015-2016

CAS faculty members are also not strangers to the world of achievement. Many have received the Ronald W. Collins Distinguished Faculty Awards, university research and creative activity awards, various teaching excellence awards and other honors such as the Fulbright, National Endowment for the Humanities, Pulitzer nominations, entrance into EMU's Athletic Hall of Fame and grant funding for a variety of projects that touch local and international communities.

Provost's Academic Awards for Distinguished Faculty

The highest award that any faculty member can earn from Eastern Michigan University is a Distinguished Faculty or Full-Time Lecturer Award in one of the three primary areas:

  • teaching
  • scholarly/creative activity
  • service
In 2015, the College of Arts and Sciences had five winners of the Provost's awards:

Steve Francoeur, Biology – Faculty Research II. Virtually all submerged surfaces in lakes, rivers, and wetlands are covered with microbes. These surface-associated microbial communities are composed of algae, bacteria, fungi, and protists, and are known as periphyton. My research is mainly focused on the ecology of periphyton, with emphasis on the algal component. The two main themes of my research are: 1) understanding how biological, physical, and chemical factors affect the abundance, distribution, and activity of periphytic microbes, and 2) understanding microbial interactions within periphyton communities. Examples include quantifying the effects of light and nutrients on benthic algae in the Great Lakes, and investigating the influence of algal photosynthesis on bacteria and fungi within periphyton communities.

Marilyn Cosianos, Criminology and Sociology- Faculty Research II. Dr. Corsianos’s research interests include institutions of social control, public and private policing, power and violence. She has studied the police in the U.S. and Canada focusing on police ethics and corruption, gender issues, detectives, discretionary powers, and community policing. She is committed to pursuing social change by identifying exclusionary practices in the production of knowledge, and identifying more equitable policing systems. 

James Vandenbosch, Biology – Service. My research interests are the molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, concentrating on Salmonella typhimurium as a model system. We utilize a molecular genetic strategy to investigate the genes involved in the interplay between the bacterium and the host. Our work currently focuses on how the organism senses its environment in the host and, subsequently, adapts to this environment by expressing virulence traits necessary for the continued survival of the organism and the ultimate production of disease. We are using insertional mutagenesis to create gene and operon fusions that identify genes of interest and provide information on the regulation of transcription of the genes.


Provost's Research Awards for New Faculty

Each year the Provost awards up to $5,000 to first- or second-year faculty members at Eastern Michigan University to assist in their research or creative endeavors. These awards are meant to not only help these faculty members start or continue with their projects, but to make them more competitive for external funding as well. 

2015-2016 College of Arts & Sciences Recipients:

Kimberly L. Barrett (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). Testing the Association between Community Lead (Pb) Presence and Juvenile Delinquency

Megan K. Moore (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). Curation and Inventory of a Medieval French Skeletal Collection

Mary-Elizabeth Murphy (History & Philosophy). A National and Local Affair': African American Women and Political Activism in Interwar Washington, D.C.

Kate Pantelides (English Language & Literature). Mapping Dissertation Genre Ecology

Catherine C. Peterson (Psychology). Parent Survey of Psychological Needs of Children with Severe Food Allergies

Chris Reilly (Art). Intimate Instruments Workshop

Brian Gregory Sellers (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). Testing the Factor Structure of the STAR: AV to Inform Intervention with Justice-Involved Youth

Heather Shouldice (Music & Dance). An Investigation of the Musical Identities, Self-Perceptions, and Motivation of Elementary Students in Relation to their Experiences in School Music Classes

Andrew Wilfong (Mathematics). Classifying the Number of Faces of Smooth Polytopes

Provost's Faculty Research Fellowships

2015-2016 College of Arts & Sciences Recipients:

Ruth Ann Armitage (Chemistry). "Paper Spray Ionization for Peptide Mass Fingerprinting of Proteins in Archaeological Materials"

Steven Backus (Chemistry). "Purification of the Interacting Regions of Autophagy Related Protein 11 and its Partners"

Peter Bednekoff (Biology). "Sentinel Behavior in Cooperatively Breeding Florida Scrub-jays"

Jin Bo (Psychology). "Facilitating Motor Learning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)"

Brian Bruya (History & Philosophy). "Four Philosophies of Life, a monograph"

Ramona Caponegro (English Language & Literature). "Not an Exit but a Shift: Changing Children's Literature"

Elizabeth Currans (Women's & Gender Studies). "Affected Sites: Performing Public Space"

Jason DeMarte (Art). "Confected: Improving the Natural World Through Artificiality"

Cory Emal (Chemistry). "Improvement of in vivo Activity of Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type-1 (PAI-1) "

Hedeel Evans (Chemistry). "Unraveling the Regulatory Role of an Alzheimer's Survival Peptide"

Xianghong Feng (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology). "Completing a Contracted Book Manuscript on Tourism, Power and Inequality in Rural Ethnic China"

Maria Luz Garcia (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology). "Documentation of the Ixhil Mayan Language -- Grammar and Use"

Emily Grman (Biology) "When good fungi turn bad: Community ecology in restored prairies and phoshorus-induced plant parasitism"

Rob Halpern (English Language & Literature). "Dismembered: The Selected Poems, Stories and Essays of Bruce Boone and New Narrative in Contemporary Practice: An Anthology of Essays"

Margaret Hanes (Biology). "Identifying the evolutionary processes driving plant diversification on Madagascar"

Deborah Heyl-Clegg (Chemistry). "Designing Antidepressant Drugs: Peptides that Block Dopamine Receptor Interaction"

Peter Higgins (History & Philosophy). "Two Essays on the Nature of Oppression"

Ingo Janser (Chemistry). "Platinum (IV) Pro-drugs: A Simultaneous Release of Cisplatin and Glutathione S- Transferase Inhibitor to Overcome Chemotherapeutic Drug Resistance"

Kevin Karpiak (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "The Anthropology of Police"

Harriet Lindsay (Chemistry). "A Green Approach to Organic Chemistry Catalysis" 25.

Steve LoDuca (Geography & Geology). "A Baseline Study of Macroalgae During a Critical Interval in Earth History"

Tricia McTague (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology). "Understanding the Role of Labor Unions in Worker-Owned Firms"

Theresa Merrill (Music & Dance). "Engaging Music Therapy Supervision across the continuum of Education, Training and Professional Practice"

Ryan Molloy (Art). "Contemporary Chromatic Type Design for Letter Press Printing"

Megan Moore (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology). "Comparison of Mandible Shape between Medieval and Modern Infants and Children"

Derek Mueller (English Language & Literature). "Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing Disciplinary Patterns"

Mary-Elizabeth Murphy (History & Philosophy). ""A National and Local Affair": African American Women and Political Activism in Interwar Washington, D.C."

MeeAe Nam (Music & Dance). “Publication of “A Critical Edition of Forgotten Sons of Theodore Gouvy””

Ildiko Porter-Szucs (World Languages). “In Loco Maternis: The Rhetorical Framing of ESL Teachers in American Higher Education"

Barry Pyle (Political Science). “Policy, Precedent and Political Preferences: The First Amendment and the Evolution of the Supreme Court Doctrine"

Michael Reedy (Art). “Inside/Outside: Contentious Boundaries and the Pictured Body”

Philip Schmitz (History & Philosophy). “First Publication of the Egadi 3 Ram Inscription: A Punic Inscribed Artifact from the First Punic War, 241 B.C.E.”

Solange Simoes (Women’s & Gender Studies). “The Brazilian cash transfer program: a public policy model for fighting poverty and empowering women in the Global South?”

Andrea Kaston Tange (English Language & Literature). “Palimpsests: Victorian Travelers and the Problems of Authenticity”

Mehmet Yaya (Economics). “Immigration Enforcement and Mental Health of Vulnerable Populations”

Margrit Zinggeler (World Languages). “SWISS MAID: The Untold Story of Women's Contributions to Switzerland's Success”

Willard Zirk (Music & Dance). “A Musical Composition for Woodwind Quintet - "American Music 1914-1918"”


Faculty Sabbatical Awards

2015-2016 College of Arts & Sciences Sabbatical Awards

One Semester Awards:

Amy Flanagan Johnson, Chemistry. “But How Do We Know That? Designing Curriculum Materials Steeped in History and the Nature of Science for the Teaching and Learning of General Chemistry Topics”

Peter Higgins, History & Philosophy. “Three Essays on the Nature of Oppression” 

Steven LoDuca, Geography & Geology. “A Baseline Study of Macroalgae During a Critical Interval in Earth History”

Andrew Maniotes, Art. “Branding and Poster Design Survey Books”

Bernard Miller, English Language & Literature. “The Rhetoric of War: Words as Power and Betrayal”

Derek Mueller, English Language & Literature. “Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing Disciplinary Patterns”

Anne Nerenz, World Languages. “Increasing Enrollment and Meeting Demand for Certified Teachers - Developing Fully-online, Fully-interactive Co-requisite Secondary Foreign Langue Methods Courses”

Barry Pyle, Political Science. “Policy, Precedent and Political Preferences: The First Amendment and the Policy Evolution”

John Staunton, English Language & Literature. “Failing to Learn: Knowing when to Abandon Prior Knowledge to Advance Understanding in Higher Education”

Brooks Harris Stevens, Art. “Adaptive Rituals: Human Experience Through Textiles” Tsu-Yin Wu, Nursing. “Educating Nurses as Change Agents to Promote Breast Cancer Screening for Taiwanese Women”

Two Semester Awards:

Matthew Evett, Computer Science. “CyberLab 2.0, a Tool for Construction Laboratory Experiments for On-Line Science Courses”

Steven Francoeur, Biology. “Charophyte Algae In The Great Lakes: Is Their Growth Constrained By Nutrients?”

Alexander Jeffrey Popko, World Languages. “Creating an Effective Elementary English Language Program in China”

Hugh Semple, Geography & Geology. “Urban Adaptations to Climate Change in the Caribbean: A Review and Evaluation”

William Sverdlik, Computer Science. “Computer Science Education in Sub-Saharan Africa” 

Mehmet Yaya, Economics. “Immigration Enforcement and Mental Health of Vulnerable Populations”


Alumni Association 24th Annual Teaching Excellence Awards

Jeffrey Bernstein, Political Science

Dennis Patrick, Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

Weidian Shen, Physics and Astronomy



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