Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University

Process for Developing Articulation Agreements

1. Make request to Office of Community College Relations

  •  Request entered in articulation database
  •  File established for agreement

2. Establish interest and priority

  • Request is discussed with departments at EMU and community college  
  • Priority is determined based on criteria such as potential number of
    students and benefits of using an agreement as opposed to a transfer guide
  • If interest is expressed by both institutions, a draft agreement is

3. Create draft agreement

  •  First draft is reviewed by EMU faculty and faculty/staff
     at the community college (may be done by email or a meeting may be held)
  •  Subsequent drafts are revised and reviewed until parties at both
     institutions reach agreement (usually through email)

4. Conduct additional reviews

  • Draft is reviewed by Academic Programming Office
  • Draft is reviewed by the Registrar's Office
  • Any requested changes will be reviewed again by the department at EMU and the community college

5. Sign documents

  • Documents are prepared for signing (usually four copies- two for each institution)
  • Documents are signed at EMU and then sent to the community
    college for signing (occasionally a signing event may be held)

6. Distribute copies of articulation agreement and guides

  • Copies are made and sent to all relevant parties including the dean, department head, program coordinator, Admission Office,  Advising Center, Records & Registration, and Continuing Education
  • Advisors receive copies of the articulation guide for their notebooks.
    (advising center, college advisors, transfer services, etc.)
  • The articulation guide is posted to the CCR webpage