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Reverse Transfer Agreements

Eastern Michigan University is partnering with community colleges in Michigan to make degree completion as easy as possible. These Reverse Transfer Agreements allow transfer students to complete the requirements for an associate's degree from the community college they transferred from with credits they've taken at Eastern.

How the Agreements Work

In order to take advantage of one of our Reverse Transfer Agreements, students must have transferred in 45 or more credits hours from one of our partner schools (see our current list below) before completing an associate's degree at the partner school. Eligible students will have their EMU transcripts sent to the partner school free of charge. The partner school will then process the applicable associate's degree and notify the student of his or her graduation status within weeks.

Why Get an Associate's Degree?

Why should you be interested in earning an associate's degree when you're already working on a bachelor's degree?

  • It shows future employers your ability to complete things you've started
  • You will receive recognition and credentialing for all the time and effort you spent at your community college
  • It's a great resume builder! You can list multiple degrees on your resume