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The platform in Information Assurance Combines the very successful graduate program in Information Security, Computer Forensics, and Cyber Crime Investigations. These concentrations form a cohesive unit through which individuals can investigate and study the problems of our country in such areas as information warfare, cyber security, digital analysis and the emerging science of computer forensics. Maintaining business continuity is also vital for today's e-commerce. The information Assurance platform has been awarded CNSS Certification for its curriculum and has been awarded "Center of Excellence" by the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree

Eastern Michigan University is now offering an exciting and challenging Bachelor's degree in Information Assurance. The program provides flexibility that prepares the student with the foundational education experience in an applied professional track leading to employment after graduation in the IA field. The IA Bachelors prepares the student for advanced learning and research in a number of fields. There are three unique concentrations: IA management, applied IA and IA cryptography

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Graduate Degree

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Law Enforcement


School of Cyber Crime Investigations


School of Computer Forensics Investigations


First Response, Electronic Crime Scene Investigations

This one day course is an introduction to Electronic Crime Scene Investigations and Analysis. It is designed for the first responding police officers or supervisor with little or no experience with investigating Cybercrime or stabilizing an electronic crime scene.


Linux as a Forensic Computer Platform

This course is an introduction to Linux as an operating system with a focus on its role in computer forensics. It is designed for the investigator with little or no experience with the linux operating system. However, this course does not exclude those who are comfortable using Linux since they will be able to focus their attention on using its forensic aspects.




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