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School Information

  • Grades Served: Pre K-8
  • Number of Students: 137
  • Features: This school is a diverse community committed to high standards while meeting individual needs in a joyful educational environment. Together we become successful learners who take pride in ourselves, our school and our world.

Gaudior Academy

Gaudior Academy is a Pre K-8 school located in Inkster. The school has 240 students and 30 staff members. Instead of grades, the children are divided into 5 levels. Level 1 has students, ages 5-6 years; Level 2 has students, ages 6-7 years; Level 3 has students, ages 8-9 years; Level 4 has students, ages 10-11 years; and Level 5 has students, ages 12-13 years. In addition to our certified teachers for language arts, math, social studies and science, there are four specialists teaching art, music, Spanish and physical education.

Gaudior's curriculum focuses on teaching that stresses the Multiple Intelligences as defined by Howard Gardner. This emphasis is summarized in the school's curriculum requirements. Every year each child:

  • Participates in at least two performances
  • Writes and illustrates a book
  • Submits a project for the school science fair
  • Submits two pieces of artwork for the school Fine Arts Night
  • Participates in the Presidential Fitness Testing Program

To guarantee that students gain experience learning in all nine of the Multiple Intelligences, core classes of language arts, math, science and social studies are supplemented with twice-weekly classes in art, music, Spanish and physical education. Classroom activities such as class meetings, conflict resolution, and problem solving use Jeanne Gibb's Tribes' Learning Community principles. The school does not use textbooks. Rather teachers generate their own materials and objectives using state guidelines and standards outlined by national teaching organizations.