Eastern Michigan University


The EMU Physician Assistant (PA) Program will offer fantastic facilities and resources for students, faculty and alumni.

Rackham Building

In the heart of the EMU main campus, the historic Rackham Building is currently undergoing renovations specifically for the new EMU PA program. A new roof and windows for the entire building have already been completed and approximately $3.6 million dollars in funding for additional renovations has been approved by the University Board of Regents.

The PA Program facilities in the Rackham Building include the following spaces: an advanced classroom, two clinical skills laboratories, two physical examination laboratories (see architectural rendering here), five small group/PBL rooms, computer testing room, individual testing room, student lounge, faculty and staff offices, and program storage space.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

The EMU PA Program is forming a Clinical Partnership with St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, a large hospital located less than 2 miles from the EMU Main Campus. This partnership will create a dynamic learning environment that will be mutually useful to EMU students and local health care professionals from various disciplines.

Facility plans include a Human Cadaver Laboratory and a High Fidelity Simulation Center (simulation rooms, patient exam rooms, multi-purpose room).

Supervised Clinical Practice Locations

The EMU PA Program is coordinating supervised clinical practice experiences at a variety of health care settings. We will provide students with a well-rounded clinical experience through exposure to suburban, rural and urban settings in large hospitals, outpatient clinics and small private practice offices.

We have contacted many PAs and physicians and have amassed a robust list of clinical preceptors. We continue to develop relationships with other potential clinical sites both locally and elsewhere in Michigan.

The Physician Assistant Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090