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Portfolio Forms

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Academic Reference Letter Criteria

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Forms for 2018 Applicants

The forms will be available soon.  Please check back.

Required Portfolio Content

Please note: Your portfolio should be submitted in a one-inch binder. Portfolios should be professional, neat and organized and must include all required components in order to be eligible for a full review. Should an incomplete portfolio be submitted it would not be reviewed. Please do not include extra documents beyond what is listed. Applications can be submitted as early as May of the application year and will not be accepted after August 1st at 5pm. If mailing a portfolio, allow sufficient time for the receipt of this packet by August 1st. Write "OT Application Portfolio" to the left of the address on the front of the envelope. Any questions you have regarding content required for the portfolio will be addressed at the Group Information Sessions.

1.  Identification page: Include your name, address, phone, EMU student identification number (if applicable), email, and the date you submitted the portfolio. In addition, be sure your first and last names are on the spine of the portfolio.

2.  Table of contents and/or tabbed page separators

3.  Transcripts: Include OFFICIAL SEALED transcripts from ALL previous coursework taken at other colleges and universities. We will accept an unofficial transcript from EMU only.

4.  Grades in pre-admission courses:

A.  Pre-Admission courses submitted for application consideration should be identified in a table (see example above) including the name/number of the course, the semester/year of completion and the name of the College or University where the course was completed.
B.  All pre-admission courses from outside universities and colleges must be pre-approved via email by the OT intent advisor prior to submission of your portfolio. This pre-approval process can be time consuming so please plan accordingly. Please email the OT intent advisor at ot_intent_advising@emich.edu
C.  A grade of B- (or 2.7) or higher is required for all pre-admission courses and all courses must be fully complete by the August 1st application deadline.

Helpful reminders: Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the time of application. This GPA will be calculated from the last 60-semester/90 quarter units of course work. It is the expectation that the average successful applicant has a GPA much higher than 3.0.
Please visit the Application Process and Pre-Admission Coursework links for detailed class descriptions.

5.  Results of the GRE General Test. Results should be sent to Eastern Michigan University and a copy of the results placed in the portfolio. GRE test results are accepted if taken within 3 years of an applicant's date of application.

6. References

  • Summer/Fall 2017 Applicants - Students must submit three academic reference forms. No personal or professional references will be accepted. Criteria for the academic reference forms can be found here. Each reference form must include the credentials and contact information of the individual completing the reference. All academic reference forms must be written within the three years prior to application.
  • Summer/Fall 2018 Applicants - Students must submit three reference forms including at least one academic and one professional reference. Criteria for the reference forms can be found here. Each reference must include the credentials and contact information of the individual completing the refernce. All letters of reference must be written within the three years prior to application. There is no specific requirement regarding the credentials or background of the individuals who supply the letters of reference. We recommend applications obtain references from inidivudal who can provide insight into an applicat's abilities in the classroom or workplace, interpersonal skills, and qualities that would make them a good fit for EMU's occupational therapy program.

7.  Volunteer Experience

Summer/Fall 2017 Applicants

  • A minimum of 100 hours volunteer work or service learning experience must be completed prior to the application deadline. All volunteer hours must be completed within the three years prior to the applicant's date of application. Volunteer work must consist of:
      • A minimum of 20 hours with an Occupational Therapist in any setting
      • The remaining 60 hours can include:
      • Additional hours with an Occupational Therapist in any setting.
      • Additional hours in an agency that is committed to social justice, community welfare, community building, health and wellness.
      • Examples of agencies committed to social justice: soup kitchens, homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, food banks, Boys and Girls clubs, etc.
      • Hours where the focus is on individuals with occupational performance issues (physical, mental, developmental, etc) or on issues that are created due to environmental factors including social, cultural, economic, political, etc.
    • NOTE:  Students who have taken the undergraduate elective of OCTH 201L2 will have fulfilled 80 hours of the volunteer requirements. The applicant will still need to complete an additional 20 hours with an Occupational Therapist in any setting.

Summer/Fall 2018 Applicants

  • A minimum of 20 hours of volunteering or observation with an OT in at least 2 different settings must be completed prior to the application deadline.  All OT volunteer/observation hours must be completed within the three years prior to the applicatn's date of application.
  • The application form provides information on an applicat's previous and current life experiences, including but not limited to work, volunteer, and community engagement.

8.  Reflective Writing: No longer required for your application.

Please submit portfolios to:
School of Health Sciences

Eastern Michigan University

313 Marshall Bldg
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Portfolios which have not been accepted for the January start date of the program can be picked up from the OT Intent Advisor beginning November 1st through April 1st.  Any portfolios not picked up by April 1st of the following year will be disposed of unless other arrangements have been made.

The Occupational Therapy Program is part of the School of Health Sciences, 313 Everett L. Marshall Building, 734.487.4096