Eastern Michigan University

Nurse Faculty Loan Program

An enormous shortage currently exists for instructors in nursing education. The nursing faculty shortage has resulted in thousands of qualified applicants being turned away for admission to entry level nursing programs. As a result, the nursing faculty shortage acts as a constraint on the efforts being made to reduce the nursing shortage. The Nurse Faculty Loan Program was created to recruit students enrolled in advanced nursing education programs to teaching positions at nursing schools across the country. Funded by a grant through the Department of Health and Human Services, the Nurse Faculty Loan Program provides loan debt reduction benefits of up to 85% in exchange for fulfilling a four year service requirement as an instructor in a school of nursing. To participate in the program, recipients must be enrolled at least four credits per semester during Fall and Winter semesters as a degree seeking student in the EMU School of Nursing Masters program with Teaching Concentration and must commit to serving as faculty at a school of nursing in the United States following graduation.

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