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Video Resources

Looking for a quick review of how to run analyses in SPSS? Visit CalState's SPSS Online Course Modules where you can find reviews on everything from running descriptive summaries to running an ANOVAs.

Need a refresher on developing a research topic or research question? Need some help on finding, evaluating, and citing sources? Want to sound more scholarly in your writing? Visit the following pages for some quick tips:

Looking to use NVivo for your qualitative research project? Visit the following link from QSR International for a video to help you become familiar with NVivo's many different abilities.

Looking for a more specific 'How to...' for one of NVivo's many fantastic capabilities? Visit the following link from QSR International for videos on everything from importing and organizing data to creating nodes, running queries, and matrix coding.

Need an introduction to Snap 10 Survey Software? Visit the following links for short tutorials and introductions to see what Snap 10 has to offer you!

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