Eastern Michigan University

Graduate Field Placements

Field Placement is a core element of the Social Work programs at EMU. Students in the Master of Science in Social Work (MSW) program complete up to 900 hours of work in public and non-profit agencies, working to help vulnerable people and communities.

MSW students with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than social work first complete a Foundational Field Placement to establish general social work skills.

All Social Work graduate students refine their skills around one of three concentrations during their Advanced Placement.

  • Family and Child Services
  • Mental Illness/Chemical Dependency
  • Services to the Aging

Each Field Placement includes a classroom component, giving students a supportive setting where they can immediately apply new knowledge and put their field experiences into context.

Foundational Placement (Social work 595/596)

  • January- August, 400 hours
  • For students entering the program without a BSW
  • Work may include: conducting intake assessments, interventions and evaluations; planning treatment; reviewing, managing and presenting cases.

Advanced Placement (Social Work 695/696)

  • Sept-April, 500 hours
  • For students who already have a BSW or have completed Foundational Placement
  • Experience focuses on student's chosen concentration
  • Work may include: Facilitating groups; participating in case conferences and advocacy work, developing policy/programs, developing/running staff training modules.

The School of Social Work partners with more than 400 agencies to provide appropriate learning experiences. Students can request to use their existing workplace as a field placement site, but all placements are ultimately made by the Field Placement Director and Coordinator.


The School of Social Work is part of the College of Health & Human Services, 304 Everett L. Marshall Building, 734.487.0077