Eastern Michigan University

Center Staff

  • COORDINATOR: Dar Mayweather
  • OFFICE MANAGER: Nakayla Clark
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMER:  Amber Morseau
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMER: Stephen Elugbemi

                                                Who Are We and Why EMYou Should Get Involved....


My name is Dar Mayweather and I have a Masters is Higher Education Emphasis in Student Leadership and Bachelor in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, all obtained at Grand Valley State University. It is an honor and a pleasure to be the Coordinator for the Center for Multicultural Affairs. I started my career in Student Affairs at Illinois State University in Residence Life. I continued my career in Residence Education at the University of Michigan, where I honed my skills in Multicultural Education. I believe the Center for Multicultural Affairs should play a critical role in corralling the EMU community around social issues to create social change. Social change is more about the journey and not the destination; we have a great opportunity to engage people who are interested in becoming more socially aware citizens through social and educational programs, events, lectures, workshops, and fun activities. I'm a firm believer in challenging and supporting our students to pursue  their passions. Through exploration, exposure, and awareness students  can become leaders who can recognize and appreciate our growing global  economy.


My name is Ebony Walls and I am a Graduate student, aspiring International Social Worker, drum major for service, bilingual aficionado and future Nonprofit CEO. As a TruEMU alumna I obtained a Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) and a national certification (CNP) in Non-Profit Leadership through the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance (NLA). I'm currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration, with a specialization in Non-Profit Management and French. As an aspiring global change agent I believe it's imperative to value, appreciate, and be willing to continuously expand our knowledge of all cultures. I believe EMYou should get involve because of the many signature events the CMA host such as our monthly National Heritage Month Celebrations and Happily Naturally ME Campaign; gain professional development, and meet new lifelong friends. As the Graduate Assistant I feel it is my duty to not only share my riches that I’ve collected throughout my travels across the globe with our students, but also reveal to them their own!

Nakayla nakayla

My name is Nakayla Clark and I am currently a Senior. My Major is Therapeutic Recreation with a Minor in Spanish Language. This is my second year working for the Center for Multicultural Affairs office. Last year, I was a Student Programmer and this year I have the honor of being the Office Manager. As a Student Programmer I was able to create programs that not only expanded the knowledge of students, but also tested my own knowledge and awareness of cultural and ethnical differences. I try to continue to challenge myself and create new ways to self-develop. The CMA creates that space. I don't think the students at EMU understand that Eastern is one of the most diverse colleges in Michigan! I think EMYou should get involved because understanding and appreciating others for their cultural backgrounds and differences that they might have can open your mind to a new world!! No one person is the same so why not use our resources and services to gain knowledge and new friendships?


My name is Daizchane Baker and I am currently a Junior. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I chose to work for the Center for Multicultural Affairs because I love learning about and experiencing different cultures as it helps me to maintain an open mind and understand some of my peers better. EMYou should get involved with the Center for Multicultural Affairs because diversity is everywhere: on campus, in the workplace, the world. It’s important to have an understanding of the different cultures to be able to have an open mind and interact with those who come from a different background than your own. The first step to embracing diversity is understanding it.

Alaura alaura

My name is Alaura Hanks, I am a Psychology major going into my Junior year at EMU. I chose to work for Center of Multicultural Affairs because other cultures have always fascinated me, and when the opportunity arose to learn about them I happily accepted. I think EMYou should get involved because it’s a great way to see all of the wonderful things happening on campus, but more importantly to learn about how diverse people are not only here at school but in the world! Understanding others means that we have a greater opportunity to help our neighbors in building a brighter tomorrow. I think working at the CMA is one step closer to helping me achieve that goal.


My name is Amber Morseau and I am a Senior this year. I am a double major in Psychology and Anthropology with a Health Administration intent. I chose to work for the CMA because I want to provide students with the opportunity and resources to educate others about their different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We attend many classes here at Eastern and see many faces, it’s time that we all explore who is really out there and broaden our knowledge of who and what a culture is. I think EMYou should challenge yourself to explore the many different cultures that call Eastern Michigan their home. We are all bonded by our quest for knowledge, let’s expand that by learning about different cultures together!

Denae  denae

My name is Denae Henson. I’m a Junior majoring in Secondary Education History/Social Studies and minoring in Spanish. I chose to work in the Center for Multicultural Affairs because I have a passion for bringing awareness to culture, religion, and social justice issues. EMYou should get involved with the CMA because it is an excellent opportunity for personal growth and life-changing interactions with people from all walks of life. The environment of the CMA and the programs we bring to campus create a space for all people to learn, educate, and grow.


My name is Stephen Elugbemi and I am a Junior at Eastern Michigan University pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Technology Major. I chose to work in the Center for Multicultural Affairs because I saw a lot of things changing around campus with social justice issues rising, and as someone who is involved in a lot of culture as a way of life, I felt that I had a duty to educate EMU's campus. I think EMYou students should get involved with the CMA because it’s a great way to enhance your experience on a diverse campus and prepare you for an increasingly diverse world.

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