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Diversity Among Graduate Students is Important Asset

Published February 20, 2013

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Jennifer Rabot

Jennifer Rabot

Jennifer Rabot, 23, is among graduate students who offer what few American-born students can offer Eastern Michigan University: a different world view. Rabot, who is on track to earn a master of business administration degree in 2014, was born and raised in England. When this talented tennis star came to America for her college education, she brought a global perspective that has enriched fellow EMU students-and they have enriched her, in return.

"Classmates have helped me understand slang English expressions, and I've helped them with projects that call for a global perspective," says the friendly brunette, explaining that "Brits" are more inter-connected with other cultures because of their geographic location.

Rabot is among COB graduate students who reflect a multi-dimensional diversity that transcends ethnicity, said administrators. "There are very few institutions in the area that can offer the culturally, academically, professionally diverse classroom environment that EMU provides," says Michelle Henry, director of academic services, adding that this environment creates a rich, multi-dimensional milieu that provides students with opportunities to grow in and out of the classroom.

Rabot contributes to this diversity in another area as well-she is among the  youngest of her classmates. "Most MBA students have worked in the field for several years and bring valuable occupational experiences, but they may be rusty on the latest research. I came right from undergraduate school and am current on the latest academic research, but lack work experience," she says.

Michelle Henry

Michelle Henry

"By working together, we magnify each other's strengths," adds Rabot, president of the COB Graduate Student Association (formerly the "MBA Student Association"). She also works as the assistant women's tennis coach.

Beste Windes, academic advisor, agrees. "Students in Eastern's graduate business program may have come from mechanical engineering professions, sports coaching backgrounds or chemistry labs, or they may have worked at an international bank previously. But they all have one thing in common: they are working together to gain the skills and necessary networking opportunities to become leaders in the career paths they choose."

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