Student Testimonial

Besnik Topulli (MS07)

Besnik Topulli (MS07)I found the MSA program at EMU College of Business to be a great program in many aspects.  For starters, the fact that classes were offered in the evening was very helpful, as it allowed me to have a regular day time job.  It has a good balance of classroom instruction by faculty and hands-on projects.  Projects range from studying and analyzing real life cases and scenarios to working with local business on specific projects.  This prepares you for a professional setting once you finish the program.  The professors are great -- overall some of the best and brightest people I have met or worked with.  Most of them worked hard outside the classroom to find internship and job opportunities for students.  We were highly encouraged (at time aggressively, but with good intent) to pursue these opportunities as well as attain professional certifications (like the CPA and CIA) while in school to get a head start in the job search market.  The emphasis was not just on instruction while in the program, but making opportunities available beyond that.  I found this approach very valuable.