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205A: Distance Learning Classroom

Distance Learning Classroom

Distance Learning Classroom


The College of Education's Distance Learning Classroom has been designed to make the distance learning experience enjoyable for both novice and professional distance learners and instructors. It has a seat capacity of twenty-five.


The distance learning classroom provides the following audio, video, and video teleconferencing devices.

  • Large screen LCD projector.
  • Ceiling mounted automatic microphone system for recording and speaking remotely.
  • Ceiling mounted video monitors.
  • Podium mounted flat screen computer monitor.
  • "Active Touch" flat screen monitor/control screen.
  • Vast ceiling speaker network.

Other equipment essential to the distance learning experience are provided, either housed in the instructor's podium, or mounted at varying places around the room. This includes:

  • Hi-Fi VCR for video playback.
  • Professional recording VCR & CD/DVD player.
  • Visual presenter.
  • Fax/Printer/Scanner.
  • Computer-to-video converter.
  • Built-in-computer.
  • Ceiling mounted projector.
  • Interface plate with connections for a laptop computer, video, audio, Internet, and other input devices.

Service includes:

  • Internet access.
  • Session recording of local/remote conferences and classroom events.
  • Ability to show a video or listen to a CD/DVD.
  • User-friendly design and training materials take the "fright" out of operating such a technologically advanced learning environment.
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