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Department of Leadership & Counseling
Learn to LEAD. Expand and enhance your leadership skills with an Interdisciplinary LEADership Minor.

Interdisciplinary Leadership Minor (LEAD)


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Interdisciplinary LEADership Minor


Department of Leadership & Counseling
John W. Porter Building, Suite 304

Eastern Michigan University is now offering an Interdisciplinary LEADership Minor for undergraduate students beginning the fall semester of the 2014-15 academic year. The mission of the LEADership minor is to equip students with knowledge-skills and attitudes to build a personal awareness of the world in which they live. The program compliments many University majors and the general education program.

"Discover the LEADer in you!"

  • Explore diverse theories and perspectives
  • Enrich your academic career and personal interests
  • Build personal awareness of the world in which you live

LEADership Core Courses

  • LEAD 201 — Introduction to Leadership: Learning to Lead
  • LEAD 301 — Emerging as a Culturally Competent Leader
  • LEAD 401 — Inventing a Leadership Life


The LEADership minor focuses on five core areas that will improve the overall understanding of contemporary society. These experience areas include:

  1. Leadership (9 credits) - Knowledge of leadership techniques, theories and models from various disciplines
  2. Global Context/Cultural Competency (3 credits) - Understanding of barriers to change and appreciation for diversity and cultural differences
  3. Ethical Leadership (3 credits) - Understanding of ethics and collaboration
  4. Communication (3 credits) - Effective oral and written communication skills
  5. Experiential Electives (6 credits) - Critically analyze and resolve issues using appropriate leadership strategies

With this increased knowledge, students will:

  • Expand their professional skill set
  • Develop a global competence
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Create new career pathways
  • Establish ethical development
  • Develop stronger résumés
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