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USIEF Teacher Education Administrators Seminar
Published September 24, 2008
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Dr. Vernon C. Polite

Dr. Polite in Chennai, India

The education and training of teachers is a key goal of India. Achieving this goal requires institutions of higher learning to build considerable additional capacity in teacher training and certification. This offers significant opportunities for U.S. institutions with teacher training and certification programs to explore opportunities for collaboration with India in program areas like teacher training, training of education faculty, teacher training curriculum development, and student teaching opportunities for U.S. students.

The Teacher Education Administrators Seminar will introduce deans and department chairs of schools of education, education departments and teacher certification program in the U.S. to their counterparts in Indian higher education. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of a cross-section of Indian institutions of higher education focused on teacher education and training and meet with individuals and programs that play a key role in the planning and administration of K-12 education in India. They will also be expected to speak publicly about U.S. higher education to advance Indian understanding of the American system. Seminar locations will include highly respected universities and colleges in New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, and there will be visits to schools and relevant government agencies.

The Teacher Education Administrators Seminar program is being organized by the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF), the Fulbright Commission in India that has administered U.S. Fulbright programs in India since 1950.

To learn more, download the final report from the USIEF Teacher Education Administrators Seminar that took place this past August in India.

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