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Good teachers matter: A message from the Chancellor of the Educational Achievement Authority of Michigan
Submitted by Drew Echelson | Published March 30, 2012
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John William Covington

John William Covington,
Chancellor of the Educational
Achievement Authority of
Michigan (EAA)

Dear Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Community:

It is a great distinct honor and pleasure to serve as the first Chancellor of the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan. This opportunity to innovate, collaborate and transform public education is especially important to me because I, like you, believe Michigan's students are full of potential and deserve world-class schools.

The EAA of Michigan was designed to provide a new, stable, and financially responsible system of public schools. The primary goal of this system of schools is to create an environment that supports, and provides tools and resources under which teachers can help students make significant academic gains. It will first apply to underperforming schools in Detroit in the 2012–2013 school years and then be expanded to include Persistently Low Achieving (PLA) schools throughout Michigan.

EAA of Michigan's philosophy is simple: Good teachers matter. Highly effective teachers and principals are the two most influential school based factors in student performance. In that spirit, the EAA of Michigan will be accepting applications and recommendations from throughout the state of Michigan and from national networks across the country. We begin today with a call to you because EMU is a close partner with us in this work.

To learn more information about EAA of Michigan, please visit our website: www.michigan.gov/eaa.

If you are inspired and interested in joining the call to innovate, collaborate and transform public education, I ask you to draft a thoughtful, targeted cover letter and resume. You can access one teacher application for all school-based positions at this link: admin1.applitrack.com/resa/OnlineApp/JobPostings/view.asp?FromAdmin=true&AppliTrackJobId=1684

Feel free to reach out to Mr. Drew Echelson who is leading our recruitment and selection team regarding any questions you may have about the work of the EAA of Michigan at eaa.teachers.2012@gmail.com.

Detroit's students deserve the best. Detroit's students deserve you.

I hope you will consider joining us in this important work.

J.Wm.Covington, Ed.D.,

College of Education