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Undergraduate Application Form for the Speech/Language Pathology Professional Education Course Sequence

Prospective students must apply for access to the required professional education courses which are a part of their clinical Speech/Language Pathology (SLP) major. Admission to the professional preparation program is required before a student can take most professional education courses (see your SLP advisor and advising sheet for details). Students should apply when they have completed 56 credit hours (at least 12 at  EMU). Transfer students are not eligible to take most professional courses until they have completed 12 credit hours at EMU. Applicants should have completed SPGN 251, or its equivalent, with a "C" or better, by the time they submit this application.

Minimum admission criteria

A minimum EMU grade point average of 2.50.

  • A minimum major grade point average of 2.50 at EMU.
  • Demonstrated competence in:
    • speaking effectiveness as determined by successful completion of one or two courses in speech with a minimum grade of "C".
    • reading ability as determined by EMU admission policies.
    • written expression as determined by a review of the student's written autobiography statement at the time of application to the program.
    • mathematical skills as determined by EMU admission policies and completion of the General Education requirements in mathematics and lab science with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Ability to demonstrate
    • satisfactory health status
    • social and emotional adjustments; account is taken of standards of conduct expected on EMU's campuses, the degree to which students meet their academic, financial, moral, social, and other obligations, and practice good citizenship among fellow students.
  • Freedom from any kind of probation, administrative or academic. While on probation, students may not register for, remain in, or receive credit for a professional education course.
  • Freedom from academic, moral, social, or emotional problems while enrolled at EMU.
  • A "C" or higher in all professional education courses.


Submit your application as soon as you have completed the above criteria. While submitting your application, you will upload a1-2 page, word-processed personal statement that includes, among other things, your experiences with youth and adults which might contribute to your preparation to become a Speech/Language Pathologist.

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