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LiveText Support

LiveText is an online set of tools used extensively in higher education. The College of Education uses LiveText to be able to report on student learning for national accreditation purposes, as well as college-level reflection on programs we offer.

Faculty use LiveText for assessment of student learning outcomes and to provide formative feedback to students - both of which are key components in our continuous improvement cycle.

Students use it for online portfolios and for submitting assignments for specific courses. Students are required to both obtain a LiveText Key Code and register an account. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

  • Obtain Key Code

    NOTE: You do not need to obtain your account until you are required to do so for a class. Your instructor(s) will notify you if LiveText is needed.

    This is a two-step process. Step one is getting your LiveText Student Key Code, and step two is using that Key Code to create an account on the LiveText system. The EMU College of Education is making Key Codes available at a substantial discount. Please take a moment to read through the below material.

    When you click the link near the bottom of this page, you will be taken to a secure EMU webpage, where you will log in with your my.emich username and password, as illustrated here:

    After logging in and reading the information on the first screen, click the "Proceed with Key Assignment" button.

    Next, you will be presented with the screen below. If you would like to read the LiveText Terms of Service, please click on the link on the registration page, as shown below.

    Your Student Account at EMU will be charged the appropriate amount, once you click the "Yes, I would like a key" button.

    The next screen will give you your unique LiveText Student Key Code, which you will need to write down, for use when you go on to the LiveText site to create your LiveText account. This Key Code can only be used one time. If you forget your Key Code, or mis-copy it, you can log back into the Key Code web site and retrieve your Key Code information.

    If you are ready to get your LiveText Student Key Code, click the link below to go to the EMU LiveText Student Key Code purchase page. Ready?

    Click here to be taken to the EMU Student LiveText Key Code login page.

    Once you have your LiveText Student Key Code, see the Register Account section below.

  • Register Account

    NOTE: You do not need to obtain your account until you are required to do so for a class. Your instructor(s) will notify you if LiveText is needed.

    Registering with LiveText is a fairly simple and straightforward process. It requires the user to provide a Key Code from the EMU LiveText Key Code website, personal information (like an email address), and appropriate passwords. Once you have gotten your LiveText Key Code from EMU, go to the LiveText website at http://college.livetext.com. (If you just type livetext.com in your browser’s address bar, it will automatically take you to this address.)

    1. Click on "Purchase/Register."


    2. You will be taken to the next screen where you should click “Register Membership.” DO NOT click the "Purchase Membership" link. Purchasing LiveText through EMU is less expensive than purchasing directly from the company. The charge will show up on your eBill, and no credit card is required at the time of purchase. A student subscription is valid for five years or until one year after the student completes the program, whichever occurs first.


    3. Once you click “Register Membership” the page expands to give allow you to register your account. The first thing you need to do is to tell LiveText you are a student.


    4. The next section added will ask for your Key Code.


    5. Once you have entered your Key Code, the page will expand so that you can enter your personal information and create a login and password for LiveText.

    6. Some helpful tips: Make sure that the first email address you enter is your emich.edu email address. Be sure to enter your E number correctly. Try your my.emich.edu username and password as your LiveText username and password so that you have an easy way of remembering them. Your my.emich.edu username may not be available in LiveText – but it is worth a try!