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Post-Baccalaureate Students
Elementary Education
  • The elementary teacher candidate documents 100 clock hours of experiences with children in grades K-5.
  • 60 of the 100 clock hours come from PRCT 304 and PRCT 310. Students must contact the Department of Teacher Education before registering for PRCT 304 or PRCT 310.
  • At least 50 clock hours must be with a teacher licensed to teach all subjects at the elementary level in an appropriate K-5 setting. At least one experience needs to be in an urban or multicultural classroom, which is typically accomplished during PRCT 310. Teacher candidates should seek as many diverse pre-student teaching field experience placements as possible.
  • Clock hours are documented on the Pre-Student Teaching Field Experiences Verification Form (pdf).
  • Clock hours outside of EMU classes require a signature along with appropriate documentation. As long as it is age-appropriate, and in a teaching/learning context, some field experience hours can come from religious education, coaching, tutoring, scouting, etc. Babysitting and childcare are not acceptable settings.
  • Students pursuing the Early Childhood Education minor have additional pre-student teaching field experiences. These clock hours are earned at the Children's Institute and are supervised by ECE faculty.
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