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Post-Baccalaureate Students

Repeat Policy

Any one course can be repeated only twice for a total of three times taking the class. EMU allows no more than 10 course repeats. Students with more than 10 repeats are not eligible for the Initial Teacher Preparation Program.

Failing Grade

If a student receives an E in a course, the student does not necessarily need to repeat it unless it is a requirement for the degree. However, the E will always appear on the transcript because it is part of the student's academic record. Usually, the fastest way for a student to raise his grade point average is to retake any course/s in which an E was received. Only the grade received the last time the course is taken will be used in compiling graduation credits and in determining the cumulative GPA.

Keep in mind that courses failed at EMU must be repeated at EMU and not at another college or university.

Complete details regarding EMU's grading and repeat policies can be found in the EMU Undergraduate Catalog.

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