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All teacher candidates are required to spend time in classroom and/or clinical settings to prepare them for student teaching and ultimately licensure. Prospective teachers are expected to spend time observing and interacting with K-12 teachers and their students. These valuable experiences help teacher candidates to understand teaching, learning, discipline, culture and context, all things they will need to know and understand in order to become effective teachers.

There are four basic purposes for pre-student teaching:

  • To allow the prospective teacher to affirm her/his decision to become a teacher.
  • To provide a context for understanding concepts and issues in the professional education courses.
  • To provide opportunities to practice teaching skills and observe licensed teachers.
  • To prepare the prospective teacher for the student teaching semester(s).

There are four basic requirements prospective teachers need to meet while pre-student teaching:

  • The prospective teacher must accumulate 100 clock hours of pre-student teaching experience.
  • The 100 hours of age-appropriate experience must be no more than three years old at the time student teaching commences.
  • At least 50 of the 100 hours must be spent in an age-appropriate setting with a licensed teacher.
  • At least one of the classroom experiences must be in a multicultural or urban setting.
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