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The State of the African American Male in Michigan

Focus Group Questions

Delegates will be assigned to tables according to their selected topics of discussion. See the Registration Form for the available topics.  There will be two opportunities during the summit where delegates will engage in focus group discussions.  Delegates are asked to actively participate sharing their particular knowledge, expertise, and experience as they address the following focus group questions:

Focus Groups I

Question 1:  What new knowledge is needed about the challenge?

Question 2: Based on what is known about the challenge, what realistic recommendations can be made to impact policy and practice in Michigan? 

Focus Groups II

Questions 3: What are the implications for the proposed policy and practice recommendations for the State?


Table Discussions

This document outlines the various categories and sub-groups for possible discussion. Discussions will be broken out by specific tables, with table assignments being given out via e-mail prior to the Summit, as well as at the on-site check-in at the Summit.



Selected delegates will act as facilitators at each table.  The purpose of the facilitator is to ensure that all voices are heard and make sure that all focus group questions are addressed.


Timely information

The Washington Post is publishing a series titled "Being a Black Man".