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The State of the African American Male in Michigan

We would like to give a very special thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their financial donations and support of “The State of the African American Male in Michigan: A Courageous Conversation”.


W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Dr. Marvin McKinney

Eastern Michigan University, Dr. John A. Fallon, III, President

C.S. Mott Foundation

Comerica Bank

Dr. W. Scott Westerman, Jr., Former COE Dean, 1980-1991, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. John W. Porter, Former EMU President, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Vernon C. Polite, Dean of College of Education, Eastern Michigan University


Department of Teacher Education, EMU College of Education

Department of Leadership & Counseling, EMU College of Education

Department of Special Education, EMU College of Education

Continuing Education, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Nora Martin, Hall of Fame Inductee, Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce, Reverend Keith Peters, President

AACTE, Sharon Robinson, Ph.D., President

Jeannette Knight Mills, AACTE

Norma Mumford, AACTE

Gail Getz, President's Office, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Dennis Beagen, EMU Division of Academic Affairs

Huron Valley Printing & Imaging


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Michigan Chapter

The EMU College of Education

The Office of Urban Education and Educational Equity, Eastern Michigan University