Comprehensive Wraparound Social Services for High-Risk Teen Parents & Their Families

1. How can wraparound help?

Wraparound can help teen parents by addressing their unique situations, including: graduating high-school or getting a GED, becoming independent, learning job, parenting, and life skills, getting a job, finding a place to live, connecting with services (e.g. mental health, health, food assistance), building a support system, or anything the teen parent voices as a need.

2. If a caseworker is already connecting the teen parent to services he/she needs, why would wraparound be helpful?

Most teen parents we work with are fortunate enough to have several workers who help them. A wraparound facilitator can help all of these workers come together with the teen to get on the same page and work towards the same goals, eliminating overlap and confusion.

3. The teen parent already has several workers, so why does he/she need another one?

Not only will the wraparound facilitator help all of the workers and the teen come together to create one unified plan, but the facilitator will help the teen form a natural support system to help him/her be more independent.

4. What is a strengths-based, individualized plan?

Once the teen parent voices his/her strengths, goals, and needs, the teen and Circle of Support will create a plan that will achieve outcomes using the teen parent’s strengths, interests, and abilities.  Individualized means that the plan matches what the teen parent has voiced as needs and goals.

5. How can I get involved with the EMU Wraparound Project?

We have just launched our new mentoring program and are now accepting applications for Oakland County clients (we currently have enough mentors in Washtenaw).  If you are interested in making a personal impact on a young parent’s life, please take a look at our Be a Mentor page, where you will find program, application, and contact information.  

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Project Coordinator Laura Urteaga-Fuentes at 734.487.0133 or

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