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Getting Regalia

Purchase your cap, gown and tassel at the EMU Campus Bookstore in the Student Center. For discount pricing, get yours in March or at the Graduation Fair on April 10 and 11. There are 12 sizes of gowns for you to try on in the store. Caps are not sold separately from gowns, but tassels are.

Honors: Undergraduate students graduating with honors (3.5 or above cumulative GPA), can pick up a gold tassel at 304 Pierce Hall from April 10–21.

Military: Graduating military veterans may pick up an honor cord at the Veteran Services Office in room 202 in Pierce Hall. Bring a copy of your DD 214 if you're not currently using GI Bill benefits or haven't used them in the past few years.

Graduate Students
Academic hood colors are assigned according to the college (not department) from which you are graduating:

  • White: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Drab: College of Business
  • Light Blue: College of Education
  • Citron: College of Health and Human Services
  • Gold: College of Technology
  • Purple: All Specialists
  • Green: All Doctoral

Doctoral Students
To get the proper dress for the ceremony, you have two options for regalia: buy or rent (dates TBA). If it's after March 31, please visit the EMU Campus Bookstore to order in person (these orders subject to an additional $45 shipping fee).

If you decide to rent, you can return regalia in the faculty robing room immediately after the ceremony (only doctoral students returning regalia are can return to the atrium) or within 48 hours to the EMU Campus Bookstore in the Student Center. 

Find faculty information here.

Questions? Contact the Campus Bookstore at 734.483.2850.

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