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TRUEMU Research Campaign

TRUEMU Research Banner featuring Anne Casper, Biology

TRUEMU Research Banner
feat. Anne Casper, Biology

EMU's Division of Communications in fall 2014 is launching the fourth phase of its popular TRUEMU integrated marketing campaign. The campaign features 100 all star faculty researchers on more than 200 vinyl light-post banners along major streets in the City of Ypsilanti and EMU's main campus.

The campaign also includes:

  • Pictures of all 100 faculty researchers on two large mesh banners on EMU's parking structure;
  • Seven faculty researchers explaining their research efforts in new individual videos plus a compilation video; and
  • Key EMU research messages promoted on 24 billboards along major Metro Detroit highways and roads.

The first campaign phase was introduced in August 2011, featuring current TRUEMU students in TV, radio, billboard, print and online ads. The second phase, launched in September 2012, spotlighted 20 all-star faculty members on light-post banners and area highway billboards. The third phase, which began in September 2013, highlighted 100 alumni for their individual achievements on light-post banners and area highway billboards.

EMU's Marketing Department in the Division of Communications led the development of the campaign.

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