Eastern Michigan University

Editing the Side Navigation

If your site is set up with simple navigation and you have access to the page containing the Navigation links, you can make changes to the side navigation. Contact the Department of Integrated Content for more information on making changes to the navigation for sites with complex navigation.

Follow these directions to edit the side navigation in OUCampus:

  1. From the opened page, click the Edit... button for the region of the page you want to change.
    Editing a Page in OUCampus
  2. Locate and make any changes to the Navigation links.
    Note: See Inserting a Link on a Page for more information on how to create a link.
    Editing a Page in OUCampus
  3. When you are finished, click the Save button on the toolbar.
    Editing a Page in OUCampus
  4. The Preview page is displayed.
    Editing a Page in OUCampus
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