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Selected Recent Research Projects

  1. Isocyanate-free polyurethane coatings for advanced military coating applications.
  2. Bio-based polymer building blocks from soybean oils for advanced sustainable and low VOC coatings.
  3. Effect of composition and cross-link density of clear coats on their mechanical and chemical resistance properties.
  4. High-biobased content dual-cure (UV and thermal) coatings.
  5. Sol-gel derived chromate-free metal pretreatments for advanced sustanable coating applications.
  6. Soft-feel automotive interior coatings : Study of effect of composition on performance.
  7. Self-healing and self-stratifying coatings.
  8. Solvent-free nano-fluid resins.
  9. Tribological properties of coating/substrate systems.
  10. Waterborne barrier coatings.
  11. Advanced UV-curable polyurethane dispersions.
  12. Coatings formulation and optimization.