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For detailed information, click the following link to visit the program website at : http://www.emich.edu/cot/progsites/cm/

The Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) program is designed to extend the undergraduate degree in construction management and develop new career options. The MSCM program increases the student's understanding of the complete construction industry including state of the art processes, production techniques, design functions, research applications, management methods and leadership skills. The MSCM program is intended for entry-level managers, project engineers, and related supervisory personnel who are interested in broadening their construction management knowledge base, sharpen their management acumen, and ready themselves for advancement opportunities and leadership positions within the construction industry.

The MSCM program is accredited by the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Program and Project Management [PMI-GAC].

Program Objectives

The objectives the Master of Science in Construction Management program are to:

  • Develop advanced competencies in the technical, management, and leadership aspects of professional construction management;
  • Broaden the career potential of individuals through applied learning experiences in construction, management; and technology;
  • Provide advanced preparation in the technical aspects and human factors of the construction industry; and
  • Develop a broad perspective needed for those employed in or aspiring to middle and upper management positions within the construction industry.

MSCM Degree Admission Requirements

All applicants for admission to the Master of Science in Construction Management [MSCM] program must meet the masters’ degree admission requirements of the EMU Graduate School; that is, possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with the necessary minimum grade point average as established by the University. [At this time, the required undergraduate GPA is 2.50.]

The GRE and GMAT exams are not required for admission to the MSCM program.

Non-native English students will need to take appropriate "English as a Second Language" (ESL) exam and score at the acceptable graduate student level. These ESL scores are: TOEFL score of 213 (CBT), 550 (PBT), 79 (iBT) or higher; MELAB score of 77 or higher; IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. Foreign students who do not score at this level are required to take appropriate ESL courses as a condition of their acceptance.

All students pursuing the MSCM degree need to complete certain undergraduate courses in Construction Management that fulfill specific background requirements that Construction Management programs accredited by the American Council on Construction Education [ACCE] cover. These courses include construction estimating, construction planning & scheduling, construction technology, construction contracts, and construction management. [The list of equivalent “pre-core” undergraduate Construction Management courses is listed below.]

For candidates who do not possess a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management [BSCM] degree accredited by the ACCE, these pre-core undergraduate Construction Management course requirements can be satisfied by any of the following:

a) Transferring the applicable EMU-BSCM course or equivalent course from an ACCE accredited institution with a grade of 3.0 ("B") or greater,

b) Completing the applicable BSCM course at EMU or other ACCE accredited institution with a grade of 3.0 ("B") or greater,

c) Completing a Prior Learning Assessment [PLA] for the particular EMU-BSCM course based on a validation of the student's professional work experience and related knowledge, and “score” a equivalent grade of 3.0 ("B") or greater,
d) Taking a graduate level Construction Management course on the particular topic that incorporates the learning outcomes, course objectives and related course requirements of the particular course.

MSCM Degree Completion Requirements

An applicant for the Master of Science in Construction Management degree must:
  • If admitted conditionally, complete all of the required conditional requirements within the first year of enrollment in the MSCM program
  • Complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit applicable to the MSCM program, including 18 to 22 graduate level credit hours in Construction Management [CNST], and, 8 to 12 graduate level credit hours in non-construction management courses [Cognate], as approved by the MSCM graduate advisor
  • Earn a minimum of 16 graduate level credit hours in graduate level construction management courses at Eastern Michigan University [each course counted toward this requirement requires a grade of 3.0 GPA ("B") or better]
  • Earn an overall graduate-level grade point average of 3.0 ("B") or greater to qualify for graduation
  • Receive the recommendation of their program adviser and the Graduate School
  • Complete all University Graduate School requirements.


About the Faculty

>>  Ben Ilozor

>>  Bill Moylan

>>  Armagan Korkmaz

>>  John Reposa

>>  James Stein