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About the Program

The purpose of this Master’s degree at EMU is to help teachers and workforce trainers acquire specific knowledge about the applications and consequences of technology in career education and training. Insights and leadership skills will be acquired concerning the effects of technology on work, employees and organizations.

The goals of this Master’s degree program are to:
1. promote understanding of technology as it affects careers and work;
2. provide knowledge of current theory and research relevant to pertinent fields of specialization;
3. demonstrate and model basic competence in applied research;
4. deepen understanding of teaching and training;
5. provide applications of curriculum and program development principles in school and/or workplace programs.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must:
1. Have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum grade point average of 2.75; applicants not meeting the 2.75 cumulative GPA requirement may be admitted conditionally, based on the strength of letters of support and scores on the GRE;
2. A GRE score that is not more than five years old;
3. An undergraduate major or minor in business, marketing, technology or vocational education and hold a valid teaching certificate in any of those fields or have work experience in a workforce development position; applicants without certification may be admitted in cases where the content of this program is deemed appropriate for their professional development;
4. International students must meet above requirements and the Graduate School requirements on the TOEFL. Admission may occur in any semester. See the Admissions Web site for minimum scores.


About the Curriculum

Course Requirements
The Master of Science in Career, Technical and Workforce Education requires the completion of 30 semester credit hours to be distributed among core courses, specialization courses and a capstone experience, as follows:
Core Courses 11 Credit Hours

CTWE530 Technology in the Workplace

CTWE611 Curriculum Frameworks in Career, Technical and Workforce Education

CTWE661 Evaluation Standards and Strategies in Career, Technical and Workforce Education

CTWE665 Trends and Administration in Career,Technical and Workforce Education





Specialization Courses 9 Credit Hours

Chosen from the disciplines of business or technology education or from other units within the college or from related fields outside the college, in consultation with a graduate adviser. Options include:


CTWE504 Career Exploration and Preparation

CTWE524 Micro-Computers in Business Education

CTWE526 Basic Business and Economic Education for Teachers

CTWE551 Philosophy of Technology Education

CTWE560 Entrepreneurship Education

CTWE568 Coordination of Cooperative Education Program

CTWE569 Foundations of Business Education

CTWE651 Administration of Vocational-Technical Education









Other fields from which a concentration of course work could be selected include construction management, economics 500- 509, quality technology, educational leadership, educational technology, sociology 500-509, liberal studies in technology, manufacturing and HR/OD.

Research Applications 5 Credit Hours

CTWE678 Research in Business and Technology Education

EDPS687 Qualitative/Interpretive Research



Capstone Experience 5 Credit Hours

One course from the following:

CTWE690/691/692 Thesis

CTWE697/698/699 Independent Study

Independent Study or culminating applied action research project written under supervision of a graduate adviser.



Program Total 30 Credit Hours

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