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For detailed information, click the following link to visit the program website at : http://www.emich.edu/cot/progsites/ide

The Interior Design Program at EMU offers Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. We offer a two year, 30 credit hour graduate level program leading to a Master of Science degree for students who have a first professional degree in interior design or architecture.

There are two options for students who do not have a bachelors degree in interior design: The first is a Second Bachelor’s degree (about 94 credits). This number may decrease if you have completed all of the required general education classes.

The second is a Master of Science degree, with deficiencies for the supporting, undergraduate coursework in interior design (about 85 credits). If you have coursework in management and marketing, we may be able to reduce the number of required credits in either of these two programs by six credits. If you have coursework in studio art, we may be able to reduce the number of required credits in either of these two programs by six credits.

Both of these programs are four year programs due to the sequential nature of the coursework, but you may be able to work part-time in the field, with interior designers, for at least the last two years. The undergraduate coursework in our CIDA (formerly FIDER) accredited program is “generalist” in nature, it prepares you to work in multiple domains of design practice (retail, residential, office, restaurant, etc.), the masters degree provides expertise in a content domain that you select, (such as sustainable design, universal design, CAD, design education, historic preservation, etc.). This may make you more marketable in the design profession or help you to secure a job in a design domain of interest to you.

The application for the master of science degree requires a short essay as to why you want to study interior design. We do not require GRE scores. If you have a degree in architecture or from a non-CIDA accredited interior design program, a portfolio review is required as a prerequisite to the two year, 30 credit hour program.

We offer a doctoral program of study in the College of Technology leading to a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) with a focus in interior design education. Coursework includes classes in interior design, technology, and education. Individuals with a masters degree and at least one degree in interior design, who want to teach at the college level, are eligible to apply for admission to the doctoral program.

You can download application information and the application form at the EMU Graduate School homepage ( www.emich.edu/admissions/apply.php). Please feel free to contact Dr. Shinming Shyu (Email:sshyu@emich.edu), if you have questions or if he can be of assistance.


About the Faculty

>>  Dr. Shinming Shyu

>>  Jiang Lu

>>  Deb de Laski-Smith