Admission to Eastern Michigan University

In order to be admitted to the ABA-Approved Paralegal Studies Program, you must first be admitted to EMU. You can apply to EMU online. You can also download the application, complete it, and mail it to the Admissions Office. Note that both undergraduates and Second Bachelor's Degree candidates apply as undergraduates. You'll want to be sure to submit all the information needed to process your application, and be sure your application reaches the University by the required deadline. For complete admissions information, as a first-time or transfer student, see the Admissions web site at

If you are transferring to EMU from a Community College, you'll want to check the Community College Relations web site at for information on MACRAO and Articulation Agreements.

Admission to the Paralegal Studies Program

Paralegals work side-by-side with attorneys in the legal field. Paralegals cannot practice law but work under the supervision of attorneys.

Admission to the Program is governed by a Program Admission Policy. To be successful in the Program, it is important that you review and understand this policy, which is found under Policies & Procedures and in the University Catalog. Seats in each entering class will be awarded based on this Program Admission Policy and include a review of the applicant’s cumulative GPA and grades earned in three prerequisite courses (ENGL 121, LEGL 211, and LEGL 304).

To be admitted to the Program, you must complete and submit the program application form to the Program Coordinator.