Financial Aid

About Financial Aid

If you're like most students, you will need some financial aid to pay for your education. Scholarships, grants, and stipends are offered by virtually every school. Most of these are need-based, or are targeted at specific student populations. Some are competitive in nature, based upon high school or college grades and activities. The odds are that even if you qualify for these funds, they will not cover your entire college bill and all related expenses. You'll probably have to finance the balance with student loans.

If you think financial aid is in your future, the best places to find out what’s available are the financial aid offices of the schools you might attend. You should start the financial aid-seeking process there, well in advance of the time you plan to attend. Do not wait until a school has accepted you to begin doing the voluminous application paperwork. There is a limited amount of financial aid to go around; if your application gets in as the money supply is dwindling (or after it has dried up), you will have to look elsewhere. The schools will give you their deadlines for submitting financial aid applications. You'll find Eastern Michigan University's Office of Financial Aid to be a terrific resource if you are thinking of attending EMU.


As a general rule, competitive, annual Scholarships are offered through the College of Technology (COT) and the School of Technology Studies (STS).You should contact the COT’s Office of the Dean if you are interested in applying for these scholarship opportunities. There are deadlines, so inquire at the beginning of each fall semester.

Scholarship information is also be posted on the website’s News page and sent, via email, to Program Students.