PhD in Technology program

Dr. Subhas Ghosh

Dr. Subhash Ghosh

Dr. Subhas Ghosh
Program Coordinator
Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising Department

Eastern Michigan University
206 Roosevelt Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Tel: (734) 487-2476

Couses Taught:

  • ATM 212 - Textile Science I
  • ATM 312 - Textile Science II
  • ATM 378 - Textiles for IDE
  • ATM 404 - Textiles for Merchandising
  • ATM 644 - Recent Developments in Textiles
  • ATM 671 - Engineering Properties of Textiles and Structures
  • ATM 675 - Textile Analysis for Merchandising

Short Bio:

Professor Subhas Ghosh holds a Ph.D. in fiber science and an M.S in Textile Science from the University of Manchester, Manchester, England. He is a fellow of the Textile Institute, England. He received a B.S. in Textile Technology from Calcutta University, Calcutta, India. Prior to joining EMU he was a Distinguished Professor and a Director of Research at the Institute of Textile Technology, Charlottesville, VA. He was also a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia.

He has published 70 papers on various textile subjects and has been an invited speaker at several international conferences in many countries. Dr. Ghosh has also worked in the textile industry where he held a technical management position. During the past 30 years, Dr. Ghosh has conducted research on a wide variety of subjects, including fiber development, high performance products, and development of instrumental techniques, etc. He has advised more than 70 graduate students on their thesis research and was recognized as one of the "Top Ten" Textiles Leaders by Textile World Magazine in 2001. His current research interests include fabric structural mechanics and smart fabrics.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Fiber Science
  • Fabric Structure
  • Material Characteristics

Most Important/Recent Publications: (More available upon request)

  • Application of poly (lactic acid) fibers in automotive interior, Subhas Ghosh & Sukanya Krishnan, Indian Journal of Fiber & Textile research, Vol.32, March 2007, 119-212.
  • Structure Development of Poly (lactic Acid) fibers Processed at Various Spinning Conditions, s. Ghosh and Nad Vasanthan, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol 101,2006.
  • Development of a Sensor-embedded Flexible Textile Structure for Apparel or large Area Applications, Subhas Ghosh, Cathryn Amidei, and Keith Furrow, Indian Journal of Fiber & Textile Research, Vol. 30, March 2005, 42-8.
  • Creating Aesthetics & Functional Values in Cotton Fabrics by Introducing Thermobonding Amorphous Polyester Fibers into Blends, S. Ghosh and Lila Villarreal, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 89, 2003.
  • A geometric model of woven geo-textile tape fabric to predict tensile property, S. Ghosh and M Koneig, Indian Journal of Textiles and Fiber Research, Vol.27, December 2002.
  • Measurement of Nylon Carpet Heat History by Remote NIR Spectroscopy: 1, Development of Laboratory Remote Fiber- Optic Measurements, J. Rodgers and S. Ghosh, Textile Research Journal, Vol.70, No.6, June, 2000.
  • Effects of Fiber Blend and needling Parameters on Needlepunched Moldable Nonwoven Fabric, Ghosh, S and Chapman, L, The Journal of the Textile Institute, Nov. 2003.
  • Influence of Waste Polymer Inclusion on the Performance of Oriented Polypropylene Geo-textile Tapes; art II: Effect on Tape Structure and Morphology, A.R Horrocks and S. Ghosh, Textile Research journal, July 1998.

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