PhD in Technology program

Dr. Vijah Mannari

Dr. Vijah Mannari

Vijah Mannari, Ph.D.
Associate professor,
Coordinator, Polymers & Coatings Program (Undergraduate)

School of Engineering Technology
(734) 487-1235
201-A Sill Hall
College of Technology
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Courses Taught:

  • PC-310 Polymers for Engineers and Technologists
  • PC-260 Introduction to Coating Science and Technology
  • PC-400 Polymers & Coatings Technology-I
  • PC-401 Polymers & Coatings Technology-I Lab
  • PC-402 Polymers & Coatings Technology-I
  • PC-403 Polymers & Coatings Technology-II-LabPC-404 Coatings Raw Materials
  • PC-460 Coatings Formulation
  • PC-479 Coatings Raw Materials
  • PC-503 Advanced Polymers & Coatingsā€“Lab

Short Bio:

Dr.Vijay Mannari is an Associate Professor of Polymers and Coatings Technology in the School of Engineering Technology. His work experience includes several years in industry, research and academia, within the field of Polymers and Coatings. His research interest encompasses polymer synthesis, coatings based on renewable resources, novel cross-linking chemistries and 'smart coatings'. He has more than 40 research publications and presentations. He is currently very active in research project funded by USDA involving development of environmentally-friendly and sustainable coatings from renewable bio-based resources.

Dr. Mannari is a gifted instructor and is recipient of two 'Outstanding Faculty' awards by EMU in the recent past. He is a fellow member of Oil and Colour Chemists' Association, (OCCA), UK. In year 2006, The Science Council, conferred 'Chartered Scientist' award on him, in recognition of high level of professional excellence.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Coating Formulations
  • Cross-linking Chemistry
  • UV-cure Coatings
  • Environmentally-friendly Coatings


Most Important/Recent Publications: (More available upon request)

  • Advanced chrome-free organic-inorganic hybrid pretreatments for aerospace aluminum alloy 2024-T3-application of novel bis-ureasil sol-gel precursors , Vinod Kakde, and Vijay Mannari, Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Vol.6, 2, 201-211, 2009.
  • Intelligent polymeric surfaces through molecular self-assembly , Goel, Achin; Joshi, Ravi G.; Mannari, Vijay Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, vol.6, 2, 123-133, 2009.
  • Hydrolysis of epoxidized soybean oil in the presence of phosphoric acid, Guo, Yinzhong; Hardesty, Jon H.; Mannari, Vijay M.; Massingill, John L., Jr. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, vol.84, 10, 929-935, 2007
  • Reactive Phenol-Functional Polyesters with UV-Absorbing Moiety and their Coating Applications, Vijay Mannari , Paul Ziemer , Akash Saraf , Frank Jones
  • International Journal of Polymeric Materials, 56, 1, 2007.
  • Two component High-solid Polyurethane Coating systems Based on Soy-polyols, Vijay Mannari and John Massingill, Journal of Coating Technology Research, Vol.3, No.2, April 2006

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