PhD in Technology program
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Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships

A number of graduate assistantships are awarded each year to qualified students. Students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) and be enrolled in the Ph.D. program as a full-time student. Full-time is defined as being enrolled in a minimum of 6-8 credits each Fall and Winter semester.

Graduate assistants are assigned to faculty members in their area of research interest. Graduate assistants are assigned to assist faculty members with their research and teaching activities 20 hours per week. Assignments may include assistance with class preparations, data collection, preparation and analysis of research activities. Graduate assistantships include a tuition scholarship for up to 18 credits per academic year and a stipend based upon current policies. An application for graduate assistant position may be completed at

Doctoral Fellowships

The doctoral fellowship is a distinction of honor awarded to highly competitive, full-time, research-oriented students who have completed 12 credit hours in the Ph.D. program and have a minimum 3.6 cumulative grade point average.

Fellows must enroll in and complete at least eight hours of graduate-level course work in each of the Fall and Winter terms of the award. They must continue to be enrolled for at least one credit every Spring and Summer term as well. The fellowships are 12-month appointments that require 20 hours of work per week.

This award provides a scholarship of 24 credits of tuition annually and a stipend. An application for a doctoral fellowship may be completed at


COT Funding Opportunities for Ph.D. Students :

The College of Technology has established a fund for supporting both research activity and travel for Ph.D. Students. Guidelines and request forms for research or curricular support can be downloaded by clicking Here. Guidelines and request forms for travel can be downloaded by clicking Here.