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Bachelor's Program

The required core curriculum within the Apparel, Textiles, & Merchandising Program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation consisting of all three areas within the industry: Design, Textiles, and Merchandising. The multitude of electives available in each area, allow students to tailor their experience to meet their personal career interest.


Course Rollouts

Course Description

Program Concentrations / Undergraduate Courses

Fashion Design Fashion Merchandising Textiles
History of the Haute Couture Merchandising of Interior Furnishings Textile Science I
Early American Textiles Integrated Arts using Photoshop Textile Science II
Apparel Studio I Display Techniques
Textile Evaluation & Analysis
Apparel Studio II Visual Merchandising Woven Fabric Design
Apparel Analysis Cultural Study of Dress Textiles for Interior Design
Flat Patternmaking Merchandise Planning & Control Early American Textiles
Tailoring Application of Merchandising Practices
Manufacturing Techniques I using CAD/CA
Manufacturing Techniques II using CAD/CAM
Aesthetics & Design for the Apparel Industry

Coursework for all Undergraduate Concentrations

Field Experience/ Internship Professional Seminar Independent Study
Special Topics Introduction to ATM Fashion Markets with trips to domestic & foreign markets



-School of Technology Studies (STS), Eastern Michigan University
is searching for a post doctoral fellow to conduct research in textile science.
Candidate must have knowledge in Synthesis and Polymerization.
Contact Professor Ghosh if interested at 734-487-2476 or at


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