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Program Mission Statement

Eastern Michigan University’s Master of Science in Constructive Management (MSCM) program educates graduate students in construction project management, preparing them to lead and manage major construction programs through the project life cycle, from project conception through facility completion.

The MSCM Program broadens the graduate student’s knowledge, understanding and skills of the complete construction industry including

  • Modern project management processes
  • Satisfying the integrated needs of the constructed facility stakeholders
  • Sustainability in construction through integrated project delivery and related state-of-the art methods and means for construction
  • Production techniques
  • Design functions
  • Research applications
  • Leadership skills

 MSCM Program Student Learning Objectives:

The Master of Science in Construction Management [MSCM] program is designed to:

  • Develop advanced competencies in the technical, management, and leadership aspects of professional construction management.
  • Broaden the career potential of individuals through applied learning experiences in construction, management; and technology.
  • Provide advanced preparation in the technical aspects and human factors of the construction industry.
  • Develop a broad perspective needed for those employed in or aspiring to middle and upper management positions within the construction industry.

Eastern Michigan University students build gazebo for Ann Arbor residents.


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