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Dr. Pamela Becker
Director (I)
School of Technology & Professional Services Management
(734) 487-1161



Dr. Robert Teehan Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator
Distribution Operation and Technical Sales Program

School of Technology Studies
(734) 487-1161

Dr. Teehan is a graduate of Capella University's School of Business and one of the first online learners in the United States at a Ph.D. level. His book is entitled "The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Sense of Humer, and Job Satisfaction."

Areas of Expertise:
Customer service, quality service, leadership, lean systems, organizational training, student services, academic assistance, academic achievement, emotional intelligence, and humor.

Profession Activities:
Presentation on "EMU's Distribution Operation and Technical Sales (DOTS) Program and Why College Graduates are Vital to the Electrical Industry" for the National Association Of Electical Distributors (NAED).

Dr. Teehan attened EMU for this undergraduate (B.S. in Sociology: Complex Organizations), and graduate work (M.L.S. Technology Management: Communcations and Organizations)


Teehan, R.E. (2008). Emotional Intelligence, Sense of humor, and Job Satisfaction: Relationship, Affect and Implication. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-639-04787


Teehan, R.E. (2008) A re-conceptualization of customer service toward a lean systems thinking perspective for distribution. Review of the Electronics and Industrial Distribution Industries, 7(1), 37-46

Teehan, R.E. (2008). Newspaper Article, The Art of Shipping and Distribution - Special Edition entitled "On the Move: Shipping & Freighr" - Heritage Newspapers/Western region march 2008


Teehan, R., and Tucker, W. (2008). An Exploratory Research Study: Operationalizing The Measurement of Failure Demand in Customer Service: The International Quality Management and Organizational Development Conference. Helsingborg, Sweden.

Teehan, R. (2007). Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Effective: The American Society of Employers in Southfieldm Michigan.

Teehan, R. (2006). Leadership Development and Team Player: The Detroit Police Academy for newly promoted Lieutenants and Sergeants within the basic Detective Program

Student Research Projects

Teehan, R., Gladding, D., and Traites, T. (2007). Organizational Training Case Study: Two Midwest HARDI Distributors. How To Do in-house Training.





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