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The Distribution Industry

The Distribution Operation and Technical Sales (DOTS) industry represents a significant sector of our nation's economy. Each year, more than $200 billion of industrial supplies are sold to end-users through distributors. It is estimated that there are more than 250,000 industrial distribution outlets in the United Sates employing more than five million people. however, industrial distribution in the United States represents only a fraction of the distribution opportunities that now exist throughout international markets. Aside from industrial-based distribution, there are countless possibilities in other industries, such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food/beverage distribution, and various consumer products. The entire wholesale distribution market in the United States contributes more than $5 trillion each year to the nation's economy.

Program Description

The College of Technology's Distribution Operation and Technical Sales program is housed within the School of Technology Studies. Graduates of this program will earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Distribution Operation and Technical Sales. The Distribution Operation and Technical Sales program is designed to provide students with the theoretical as well as practical applications today's industry is seeking. Students can take charge of their future by customizing the degree to their own personal/professional interests. Students also have the option of completeing a minor as part of the overall curriculum. The major curriculum is developed with the input from the Distribution Operation and Technical Sales Advisory Committee, which consists of decision makers in the industry to ensure the curriculum stays current.


Students may tailor their concentrations to what meets their personal and professional goals. Students have the choices to choose 3 concentrations from the following:

International Business
Industry Intro
Technology Management
Information Systems
Communcation Technology
Aviation Flight Technology
Individualized Interest Concentration made aling with program Coordinator

ID Program Coordinator: Dr. Robert Teehan:



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