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Dr. Mary Brake

Ph.D., Michigan State University
Phone: 487-2040
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Courses Taught:
ET 100 Introduction to Engineering Technology
MET 312 Dynamics
MET 314 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
MET 319 Fluid Mechanics
MET 470 Mechanical Vibrations
PDD 111 Materials

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Dr. Harvey Lyons

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Masters , Cooper Union
Bachelors , Cooper Union
Phone: (734) 487-2040
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Courses Taught:
ET 100: Introduction to Engineering Technology
CADM 101: Introduction to Industrial Drawing
CADM 122: Engineering Graphics I
COT 179: Technology career paths
MET 211: Statics
MET 313: Applied Mechanics of Materials
MET 411: Mechanical/Machine Design
MET 437: Kinematics of Machines
CADM 491: Design Capstone
MET 492 & 493: Senior Design Projects I & II

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