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SAG Courses

A list of course policies specific to the SAG program can be found here.
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Simulation, Animation, and Gaming Major

For more information, refer to Eastern Michigan University's requirements to earn a degree in the Simulation, Animation, and Gaming Major.


General Education Requirements

For specific requirements refer to theĀ General Education Program.


Required Courses: 57 hours

The following courses must be completed by all Simulation, Animation, and Gaming students in order to earn their degree.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
ART 122 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART 123 Drawing I 3
ART 131 Three-Dimensional Design 3
CMT 131 Introduction to Computer Graphic Systems 3
COSC 111 Introduction to Programming 3
COSC 156 Introduction to Alice 3
CTAT 141 Audio and Video Production for Nonmajors 3
SAG 105 Introduction to Simulation, Animation and Gaming 3
SAG 175 Graphics for Simulation I 3
CMT 205 Digital Photo-Technology 3
COSC 211 Programming Data Structures 3
COSC 215 Scientific Simulation 3
SAG 225 Graphics for Simulation II 3
SAG 235 Flash I 3
SAG 245 Story Development 3
SAG 285 Studio I Simulation 3
MGMT 386 Organizational Behavior and Theory 3
STS 300W Research and Writing: The Technology Career Perspective 3
MGMT 486 Organizational Change and Team Building 3



Cognate A: 24 hours

This cognate allows students to continue in the graphic and design aspect of simulation, animation and gaming.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
SAG 275 Texturing and Mapping 3
SAG 305 Environment Design 3
SAG 355 Lighting and Camera Techniques 3
SAG 375 Studio II 3
SAG 470 Simulation and Animation Dynamics 3
SAG 485 Senior Projects in SAG 3


Cognate B: 26 hours

This cognate allows the students to pursue their final two years in the Computer Science Department, learning the skills needed to succeed as a programmer in simulation, animation, and gaming. The courses in this cognate utilize existing courses within the Computer Science Department.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MATH 205 Mathematical Structures for Computer Science 4
COSC 221 Computer Organization I 3
COSC 311 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
COSC 456 Computer Graphics 3
COSC 457 Computer Game Programming 3
COSC 461 Heuristic Programming 3
COSC 481W Software Engineering and Senior Project 3
COSC 486 Cooperative Education in Computer Science 1
COSC 485 Senior Projects in SAG 3