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IOC (Interim occupation certificate) Certification

Linked here is a copy of the IOC application.

The Interim Occupational Certificate (IOC) is valid for teaching in a Michigan approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in the occupational area in which the teacher is endorsed. EMU’s program is meant for the following candidates: 1) certified teachers who wish to earn a vocational endorsement, and 2) those without previous certification who wish to teach in a specific occupational area.

 EMU offers IOC’s in the following occupational areas (the numbers in parenthesis are the corresponding CIP codes):

  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology (49.0101)
  • Automotive Technician (47.0604)
  • Business Administration Management and Operations (52.0299)
  • Collision Repair Technician (47.0603)
  • Computer Programming/Programmer (11.0201)
  • Computer Systems and Networking and Telecommunications (11.0901)
  • Construction Trades (46.0000)
  • Cooking and Related Culinary Arts (12.0500)
  • Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design (11.0801)
  • Drafting and Design Technology/Architectural (15.1301)
  • Electrical/Electronics (47.0101)
  • Engineering Technology (15.0000)
  • Finance And Financial Management Services (52.0800)
  • Graphics and Printing Technology and Communications (10.0301)
  • Lineworker (46.0303)
  • Machine Tool Technology/Machinist (48.0501)
  • Marketing, Sales, And Service (52.1999)
  • Medium/Heavy Truck Technician (47.0613)
  • Radio & TV Broadcasting Technology (10.0202)
  • Welding, Braising, and Soldering (48.0508)

 The IOC requires:

  • 4-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Admission to EMU requires submission of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. (link to
  • Major or minor in the vocational area of certification.
  • 4000 hours of relevant and recent work experience in the vocational area of certification. Work experience can be no more than 6 years old at the time of certification. (link to vocational paperwork)
  • Successful completion of BMMT 200 and 363 at EMU. (link to course descriptions)
  • Pass all sections of the Michigan Test for Certification (MTTC) Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) or other Michigan approved test of basic skills. (link to
  • Pass the MTTC subject area test, if one is available in your vocational area of certification. (link to
  • Hold valid adult and child CPR and first aid certification with one of the MDE approved agencies. (link to
  • Sign a Statement of Civil/Criminal Convictions (link to and complete a background check (link to

 Contact information:

  • Amy Eastman | Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate and Continuing Teacher Certification | 206 Porter Building | 734.487.1416 |
  • Konnie Kustron, J.D. | Professor | 122 Sill Hall | 734.487.1161 |

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