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About the Program

For detailed information, click the following link to visit the program website at : http://www.emich.edu/cot/progsites/ide

The mission of the Interior Design Programs at Eastern Michigan University is academic preparation of students to enable them to creatively solve problems related to the function and quality of interior environments that meet human needs and fulfill human aspirations. The Programs promote design research and critical thinking to generate appropriate design decisions encompassing all interior spaces, components, and elements within the built environment. The curriculum provides opportunities for both design research and experiential education to investigate the interaction of humans and environments, at both the micro and macro level, in preparation for leadership roles in the design profession. Central to this mission is evidence based design that integrates theory, knowledge, and technical skills with:
• A holistic view of people, their environments, and global factors;
• A sensitivity to environmentally responsible design issues; and
• Consideration of the needs of all users regardless of age, physical stature, or current capability/disability status.

About the Curriculum

General Education Requirements 40 Credit Hours
Major Requirements 76 Credit Hours
Additional Requirements 12 Credit Hours
Program Total 128 Credit Hours
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Additional Requirements:
  • ART123 Beginning Drawing

  • MKTG 360 Disciplinary Marketing
  • Note: selected in consultation with the interior design adviser

  • MGMT 388 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Marketing of Services
  • Note: selected in consultation with the interior design adviser

  • CNST201 Construction Systems
Major Requirements:
  • IDE110 Interior Design Studio I

  • IDE111 Environment Psychology and Behaviour for Interior Design

  • IDE120 Interior Design Studio II

  • IDE121 Interior Design Materials and Components

  • IDE122 Design Theory II

  • IDE123 CAD I for Interior Designers

  • IDE131 Design Theory I

  • IDE210 Interior Design Studio III

  • IDE219 CAD II for Interior Designers

  • IDE220 Interior Design Studio IV

  • IDE221 Environmental Systems for Interior Designers

  • IDE225 History of Interiors from Antique to 1800

  • IDE226 History of Interiors from 1800 to present

  • IDE310 Interior Design Studio V

  • IDE317 Lighting Systems for Interiors

  • IDE318 Interior Building Codes and ADA

  • IDE320 Interior Design Studio VI

  • IDE324 Internship in Interior

  • IDE325 Professional Practice in Interior Design

  • IDE410 Interior Design Studio VII

  • IDE420 Interior Design Studio VIII

  • IDE425 Mill Work Design and Detailing

  • IDE430 Writing for Interior Design

  • IDE Elective Credits

Note: selected in consultation with the interior design adviser.

About the Faculty

>>  Jiang Lu

>>  Maria Sipos

>>  Shinming Shyu

>>  Deb de Laski-Smith