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This program is Closed to new students. Information and curriculum on this site applies to existing majors only.

About the Program

For detailed information, click the following link to visit the program website at : http://www.emich.edu/cot/progsites/tedu

The Technology Education(Technology and Design Education) program prepares teachers of technology education for grades K-12 with a Michigan Department of Education K-12 Provisional Certificate qualifying the prospective teacher in areas such as computer-aided design, robotics, manufacturing and other technology education and industrial technology subjects. A 20-24 credit teachable minor is also required. A vocational minor is encouraged for those students who have courses and work experience in a specific occupation. Graduates may also qualify for a vocational endorsement (Interim Occupational Certificate) by completing 6 hours of course work and have two years of occupational experience in employment related to the area of study. Options for cooperative work experience are available to students as partial credit toward that occupational requirement. This major must be completed in conjunction with the technology education curriculum. Successful completion of this course of studies, in the context of other program requirements, qualifies the student for recommendation for certification for the Michigan Department of Education Secondary Provisional Certificate endorsed in technology and design, certification code TX. The Michigan Teacher Test for Certification (MTTC) covering this field is #88 “Technology Education and Design Education.”

About the Curriculum

General Education Requirements 40 Credit Hours
Major Requirements 36 Credit Hours

Elective in Technology (requires adviser permission)(1 hr)
CMT121 Graphic Communication
CNST201 Construction Systems
ELEC200 Circuit Analysis I
MFG123 Manufacturing Processes and Methods I
TEDU103 Structures and Design in Technology
TEDU106 Processing Technology
TEDU114 Information and Control Technology
TEDU118 Energy and Transportation Technology
TEDU246 Safety in Technology and Vocational Education
TEDU250 Foundations of Technology and Industrial Vocational Education
TEDU350 Curriculum in Technology and Industrial Vocational Education
TEDU450 Solving Technological Problems

Minor Requirements 20-25 Credit Hours

Select a minor from the approved list of minors for secondary, K-12 and special education-secondary programs.

Professional Studies 33 Credit Hours
Pre-Admission Phase: The Learner and the Community: 8 Credit Hours

Courses that may be taken before formal admission to the teacher education program
One hundred clock hours of approved pre-student teaching field experiences

EDPS322 Human Development and Learning (4 hours)

FETE201 Field Experience I (1 hour)

SPGN251 Education of Students with Exceptionalities (3 hours)

Courses that require formal admission to the teacher education program:

Phase I: Curriculum, Assessment and the Social Context: 6 Credit Hours

EDPS340 Introduction to Assessment and Evaluation (3 hours)
SOFD328 Schools in a Multicultural Society (3 hours)

Phase II: Content Methods, Literacy and Technology: 7 Credit Hours

FETE402 Field Experience III: Secondary (1 hours)
RDNG311 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3 hours)
TEDU460 Methods of Teaching Technology and Vocational Education (3 hrs)

Phase III: Capstone Experience: 12 Credit Hours

EDUC492 Student Teaching (12 hrs)

University Elective Courses 0 Credit Hours
Program Total 124-134 Credit Hours

Each student must choose a writing intensive course as part of major completion requirements. Consult your adviser for course options.

About the Faculty

>>  Philip Cardon