Recent Research Projects

  1. Evaluation and development of new monomers and polymers for use in UV curable coatings.
  2. Basic studies of cross-linking by melamine formaldehyde resins and polyisocyanates.
  3. Effect of humidity and temperature on adhesion failure of amine-cured epoxy coatings.
  4. Use of vegetable oil and derivatives in coatings.
  5. Synthesis and properties of new resins and polymers for low- and zero-VOC coatings.
  6. Rapid evaluation of coating weatherability.
  7. Coatings for automotive plastics.
  8. Self-healing and self-stratifying coatings.
  9. Characterization of polymer surfaces.
  10. Solvent-free nano-fluid resins.
  11. Tribological properties of coating/substrate systems.
  12. Investigation of kinetic behavior of initiators.
  13. Waterborne barrier coatings.
  14. Color measurement of metallic color finishes.
  15. Corrosion control coatings.
  16. Coatings formulation and optimization.
  17. Anti-microbial coatings.