The Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (CSIE) is a STEM-related program that connects students with faculty and with community projects through an integrated science curriculum. CSIE also offers a book loan program (for CSIE course textbooks) and free tutoring/mentoring for students.


Contact the Program:

~ Office Location and Hours: 501A Science Complex, open 10 am to 2 pm (M-F)

~ Email: csie.info@emich.edu

~ Phone: 734.487.0281

~ Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/csieactivity


CSIE Newsletters are now available for Winter 2016 and Fall 2015.


Register now for the FALL 2016 CSIE courses:

- CSIE 150L: Cyanobacteria (CRN 15613) - download flyer

- CSIE 177: Learning How to Learn (CRN 15838) - download flyer

- CSIE 177: Scientific Presentation (CRN 11768) - download flyer

- CSIE 178: Introduction to Physics and Engineering (CRN 14640) - download flyer



Check out the current CSIE courses for Winter 2016:

- CSIE 177: Physics and Engineering as a Career (CRN 26518) - download flyer
- CSIE 277: Surface Water Investigations (CRN 24093) - download flyer

- CSIE 277: Coaching Science Olympiad (CRN 28025) - download flyer

- NURS 500: Advanced Pathophysiology (CRN 25867) - download flyer




Learn more about making the connections between your classes. Work directly with professors in small sections.

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Developing Urban Education Teachers in STEM Subjects

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Scholarships for Secondary Teaching Science Majors:
Are you planning on becoming a secondary school teacher in math or science? Checkout DUETSs Program.

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