DUETSs Program

The Robert Noyce DUETSs Program

Developing Urban Education Teachers in STEM Subjects

Students who are planning on becoming a secondary school teacher in math or science are eligible for DUETSs, a new program at EMU funded by the National Science Foundation. Student must be U.S. ctizen, U.S. National, or Permanent resident alien. For more details please check the flyer.

Although the DUETSs Program is administered by the Honors College, you need not be a member of the Honors College to receive a scholarship. No preference is given to honors students.

Purpose: to support science, technology and math secondary education majors
Amount: up to $13,333 per year
Frequency: approximately 10 per year
Eligibility: 56 credit hours completed, admitted to College of Education Teacher Preparation Program

Student Eligibility

Eligibility for admission to the DUETSs Program and receipt of a Noyce Scholarship will be limited to students who have:
completed 56 credit hours (the College of Education requires 56 credits prior to admission);
been admitted to the COE teacher-preparation program;
registered as a secondary-teaching major in biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, geography, mathematics, technology education or physics; a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, with at least a 3.0 GPA in their majors; and U.S. citizen or national, or permanent resident alien status.

Application Content

The EMU Noyce Scholarship application consists of:
an informational cover sheet (including applicant contact information, college credit completed, institutions attended, major, minor, and standardized test scores), an essay detailing the applicant’s educational and career goals and the applicant’s reasons for wanting to teach at the secondary level in high-need school districts, and two letters of recommendation from academic references.

biology Download the pdf version of the DUETSs Flyer.

biology Download the doc version of the DUETSs application form.

Selection Process

Eligible applicants will be ranked by the Noyce Scholarship Selection Committee comprised of the Project Director, one STEM faculty participant, and one representative each from the Office of Urban Education and Educational Equity and CSIE Programs. The Selection Committee will identify the top candidates by employing an evaluation matrix that combines an applicant’s transcript data (GPA, GPA in the major) with quantifiers representing the strength of the applicant’s letters of recommendation and motivation to succeed, as demonstrated in the essay. Financial need and under-represented status will also contribute to the total applicant score, as will results of individual interviews with applicants. The top applicants will be contacted by the Director, and a formal offer of scholarships will be administered by the Office of Financial Aid.

For more information regarding DUETSs, please contact:
Honors College: (734) 487-0341 or emuhonors@emich.edu
Office of Urban Education: (734) 487-7120 ext. 1060

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