Benefit & Intent to Participate


CSIE Faculty Fellows receive professional development and support to produce an integrated science curriculum for each Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (CSIE). As a Faculty Fellow, you will partner with a colleague or colleagues in a complementary discipline.  The fellows form CSIE teams based on mutual interest to both develop and teach the CSIE.

The grant supports this professional development through a 25% course reassignment during the fall or winter terms. As an alternative, faculty may choose to participate in a spring or summer institute and earn honoraria.

For more information contact the CSIE Project Team leaders

BECOME A CSIE FACULTY FELLOW: The Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience is accepting applications from faculty to develop integrated experiences for 'gateway' and/or 'gatekeeper' courses in science, technology, and mathematics. 
F-WInstitute Check this pdf version of Faculty fellows recruitment flyer.

F-WInstitute Download the pdf version of Fall 2015 Faculty Fellows application form.

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